Chad Johnson responds to grieving widow on Twitter, flying her to his wedding

Say what you want about some of his antics on and off the field, but Chad Ochocinco Johnson deserves some respect for this random act of kindness.

One of Johnson’s 3,563,678 Twitter followers, @cheryl2958 (Cheryl Minton), has been reaching out to the Dolphins wide receiver over Twitter consistently. One of her tweets wished him and his fiancee, Evelyn Lozada, a good life together after she had lost her husband.

She sent another similar tweet to Chad on July 1 and another earlier on Tuesday — the day before Chad and Evelyn’s wedding. This time Chad responded by inviting the woman to his wedding (each tweet begins with Chad’s response to Cheryl):

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Andre Drummond’s free throw shooting is abysmal

Andre Drummond was drafted No. 9 overall by the Pistons on Thursday. Even though being selected in the top 10 suggests a player is going to be a game-changer at the next level, there are a few aspects of his game Andre Drummond has to improve.

Seriously, Drummond needs to be sent on a summer vacation to Herb Magee’s basement to work on his free throw shooting.

When you think of a notoriously bad free throw shooters, maybe Shaquille O’Neal comes to mind. As bad as Shaq was — and remember, Hack-a-Shaq was the only way to defend him — he was at least a career 52.7% shooter from the line. For comparison, in his one year of college, Andre Drummond shot 29.5% from the line. 29.5! And over the last 10 games of UConn’s season, Drummond shot just 18%.

Being a sub-60% shooter from the line in the NBA is horrible. A percentage of 50 makes you among the worst of all time. If Drummond remains around 30%, that would be an embarrassment of epic proportions. Yes, big men like Wilt Chamberlain have succeeded in the past struggling at the foul line (51.1%), but as of now it’s looking like Drummond is going to be fouled a lot during his first year with the Pistons until he can shoot almost as well as a 7-year-old from the charity stripe.

Andy Katz says Jared Sullinger has an interesting condition (Video)

If only I were so lucky. No wonder Jared Sullinger’s draft stock plummeted faster than Adam Sandler’s movie career and the Celtics were able to grab him late in the first round. He’s been packing too much heat to play effectively. It makes perfect sense now that he has back issues. Anybody would after years of carrying that extra weight around. I can’t imagine how difficult it is for him to play basketball with not one, but multiple dwarfs having fist fights for space in between his legs.

Obviously this is a slip of the tongue by Andy Katz, but that still doesn’t take away the fact that you now have the image of a couple of dwarfs fighting attached to Jared Sullinger’s crotch. On a side note, this easily has to be one of the best screw-ups we’ve ever featured on the site — and we’ve had some good ones.

Chad Ochocinco proposed to Evelyn Lozada while playing a video game

So Chad Johnson Ochocinco is getting married to model Evelyn Lozada next week and some details were spilled by the fiancee about how the proposal went down. Said the bride to be on V-103 with Egypt:

“I wish I had a really romantic story to tell you, but it’s not so romantic. A jeweler came to the house, had a few rings, he had my ring in a separate box. I, of course, chose that one. [Chad] had a headset on and he was like, ‘You like it?’ and I was like, ‘Yep’ and I put it on and he goes, ‘Okay cool,’ and he started playing Call of Duty.”

Cassanova Cinco! Not sure what’s worse than being rejected after one of the most important moments in your life for a video game. Maybe being ignored for another woman? No, because that would at least make Ochocinco look human. Ignoring her for a video game makes him seem more soulless than a Dracula that eats puppies for fun.

H/T Uptown Magazine via Black Sports Online

Cartwheel dunk featuring Nike’s Hyperdunk+ space shoes wins contest

A dude named Justin “Jus Fly” Darlington won the Nike LA dunk contest last Friday by doing a cartwheel before slamming down. But forget the cartwheel dunk which is impressive to say the least, my focus is on the shoes he was wearing.

These shoes take statistics while you’re running/jumping and send them directly to your iPhone? Excuse me while my mind featuring a ’90s upbringing that consisted solely of pumped up kicks and second-hand Air Jordans needs a couple minutes to compute. This is unreal. I need my “speed,” “quickness,” and “hustle” measured and I need it measured now. I bet I have 10x as much hustle as LeBron ever had.

Just another brilliant marketing campaign by Nike. Every kid in the country is going to need to measure the previously (and currently) immeasurable attribute of “hustle” against each other. But the shoes themselves seem legit.

Nike apparently had a little help from this organization called NASA to develop these wonder shoes known as Hyperdunk+, which are being released at the end of June. A material known as Lunar Foam was used to help construct these shoes. Lunar Foam is something I can only assume is a combination of webbing created by Peter Parker and dried Superman piss. If any other lesser material was used then consider this shoe a fraud.

Cleveland weatherman Mark Johnson can’t help but express his anger about the Heat

There’s no doubt that everyone within Cleveland’s city limits has the taste of rattlesnake piss in their mouths right now. The last thing they ever wanted to see is LeBron win a championship.

And now he has one. And it sucks. Especially for WEWS Cleveland weatherman Mark Johnson, who is seeing so much red that he can’t even perform his job.

There’s no reason to be that upset, good sir. Just look at the bright side, you still have the Browns….ummm, I mean the Indi….uh…the Rock n’ Roll Hall of Fame. Drew Carey was right, Cleveland rocks!!!

h/t Sports Grid via BroBible

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Bronson Arroyo and Aroldis Chapman cover Adam Sandler song (Video)

It’s good to be in first place. The Cincinnati Reds are sitting atop the NL Central and seem to be enjoying it, as pitchers Bronson Arroyo and Aroldis Chapman showed us when they recreated some old school Adam Sandler magic (before Adam Sandler sucked). Arroyo made decent work of “The Red Headed Sweatshirt Song“, but Chapman deserves an Oscar for his effort. Shamalama ding-dong, indeed, Aroldis.

But again, it’s nice to do this kind of lighthearted stuff when you’re in first place. Maybe the Cubs, who are already 20 games under and in last place, can do a cover of Sandler’s “The Turkey Song”.