Martellus Bennett with a killer quote on football and inches

Martellus Bennett

Martellus Bennett, telling it like it is, as always. And, no, he’s not talking about big-screen TVs here.

Martellus has had his junk posted on the internet before, so he knows how important those extra inches are.

Since we’re on the subject of old Martellus stories, I’m going to take you back to 2009 on this one. Have you ever seen the video of Martellus and his brother Michael doing the “Black Olympics?” Yeah, it’s quite a site.

Tony Sparano, Greg Olson, Al Saunders are candidates for Raiders interim coach

Dennis Allen Raiders

Dennis Allen was officially fired by the Oakland Raiders on Monday night, ending the least suspenseful 24-hour period of questions regarding his job status. The only problem with the firing was that it occurred three years too late.

Now that Allen is out, the question is: who will be in? Rather, which unlucky soul will lead the Raiders to finish out this terrible season?

As of now, it looks like Tony Sparano, Greg Olson and Al Saunders are the candidates to become the interim head coach.

Sparano is currently an assistant head coach and offensive line coach for the Raiders. He was head coach of the Miami Dolphins from 2008-2011 and was fired towards the end of a losing season in his fourth year as head coach.

Olson is currently the team’s offensive coordinator, which means he hasn’t been coordinating much of anything. He’s been an offensive coach in the league since 2003, most recently spending time with the Jags and Bucs.

Saunders is an offensive assistant and has been with the team since 2011. He spent 2001-2005 as offensive coordinator of the Chiefs, leading their high-powered offense. When he was with the Redskins, he infamously had a playbook that was thicker than the holy Bible.

Since you bozos in Oakland can’t get it right, let me help you out: make Sparano your interim coach. At least the guy won’t embarrass the organization any more than it already has been by Allen.

Bill Belichick has priceless reaction to QB controversy question (Video)

Tom Brady had a bad game in what turned out to be a disastrous loss for the New England Patriots at the Kansas City Chiefs on Monday night, and his poor performance actually led one reporter to ask about a quarterback controversy. Seriously.

The Pats were blown out 41-14, with Brady going 14/23 for 159 yards with a touchdown, two interceptions and a lost fumble. Making matters even worse, one of the interceptions was a pick-six.

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After the game, Belichick was his usual grumbling, monotone, one-word-answer self with the media. Except he did give us one awesome moment.

Bill Belichick media

One reporter actually had the audacity to ask whether there was a quarterback controversy since rookie backup Jimmy Garoppolo played alright in the fourth going 6/7 for 70 yards and a touchdown. Belichick laughed it off, getting more animated about that than anything else in the presser. At least he gave us something.

Via Will Brinson, @cjzero

Husain Abdullah gets penalty when praying after touchdown (Video)

Husain Abdullah was wrongly penalized for going to the ground during his end zone celebration on Monday after returning an interception for a touchdown.

Abdullah is Muslim, and he went to the ground to pray after picking off a Tom Brady pass and returning it 39 yards to put the Kansas City Chiefs up 41-7 on the New England Patriots. NFL rules dictate that penalties are supposed to be called when players go to the ground as part of an end zone celebration. However, there is an exemption for players who are praying.

[UPDATE: NFL releases statement on the penalty]

The referees must not have realized Abdullah was going to the ground for prayer and not for some sort of gimmick.

Husain Abdullah pray

Given their margin of victory, the Chiefs probably weren’t too concerned, though they may have something to say to the league about it.

Abdullah’s agent says there will be problems if the league tries to fine his client.

Here’s another look at it:

Alex Boone defends Jim Harbaugh: Everybody loves him

Jim Harbaugh layers fat

Alex Boone says the rumor from Deion Sanders that everyone on the 49ers wants Jim Harbaugh fired is not true.

Boone, a guard who signed a new contract before the season, defended Harbaugh during an appearance on “The Damon Bruce Show” on 97.5 The Game on Monday.

[See: Deion Sanders says 49ers players want Jim Harbaugh gone]

“So what’s the problem? I’m confused. Is winning not good? Is business not a’booming right now, boys? Here’s my problem with all of this: If you’re not in our locker room, then keep the 49ers name out of your mouth,” Boone said. “Let’s just do that, because you have no idea what goes on in our locker room.

“If they just named a name – ‘He said this’ — now you got a story. But everyone’s saying, ‘The suits upstairs’ or ‘Somebody in the locker room.’ Well, who are the suits and who are the guys? Because last I checked, I was in the locker room yesterday and it was all smiles and everybody was happy and nobody was saying, ‘We want him out.’”

Boone then countered the rumors and boldly stated that everybody on the team loves Harbaugh.

“As a matter of fact, I know for a fact that everybody loves Harbaugh,” Boone told Bruce. “He’s a great guy. He’s a great coach. How could you not want to win for a guy who wears cleats during a game? Come on, now. Have you ever seen that guy’s energy? He’s excited 24/7. You got to love to play for a guy like that. That’s what football’s all about.

“And for people to come out and say, ‘Oh, so-and-so told me they want him on the outs,’ all right, name your source. Go ahead. I can’t do that. Well, that doesn’t make sense to me. I don’t know. Apparently, I don’t live in reality.”

Here’s the thing: the Niners were 1-2 entering Sunday’s game against the Eagles. When things are not going well, people complain and point fingers. I wouldn’t be surprised if after the 1-2 start, some unhappy players started saying Harbaugh needs to go. But now that they’re 2-2 and on the way up, those feelings will probably change.

Harbaugh himself was asked Monday about the report from Deion that the players want him fired.

“Personally, I think that’s a bunch of crap,” Harbaugh said in response.

Harbaugh then questioned anything that is anonymously sourced. He also said that Sanders and Trent Dilfer, an ESPN analyst who described the body language of 49ers players as “almost toxic,” are not in the locker room.

I’m discounting Dilfer’s portion here because what he said seemed to be a personal observation compared to Deion’s comments, which seem to be rooted in legitimate sources. I don’t doubt Deion’s sources, either. He’s close with many players around the league. But I bet Deion’s source or sources don’t represent the entire locker room. I also bet the 49ers will be able to put together a good season despite all the supposed issues. And all these rumblings are just more reasons why Harbaugh will probably be out after the season.

Transcription via CSN Bay Area

George O’Leary accused of racism in lawsuit, allegedly wanted coaches to check black player’s gums color

George O'Leary

George O’Leary, best known for resigning from Notre Dame after being caught lying on his resume, is accused of racism by a former Central Florida assistant coach who is suing the school on grounds of wrongful termination.

Paul Ferraro filed a lawsuit on Friday accusing UCF of firing him without cause. Ferraro was hired as defensive coordinator in December and left the program before spring practice. UCF says he resigned. According to USA Today, Ferraro is asking for damages in excess of $15,000, including unpaid wages.

In the lawsuit, Ferraro accuses O’Leary of creating “a work environment that was permeated by bullying, threatening behavior, and repeated discriminatory epithets” by the head coach. He sent an email to O’Leary on Feb. 25 and copied the other assistants in which he said he wouldn’t take O’Leary’s treatment any longer.

“No longer will I put up with your constant verbal abuse of both our coaching and support staff,” he said in the email. “Threatening coaches on a regular basis with their jobs and racial slurs mixed in to make a point is wrong.”

UCF’s athletic director took that email to mean that Ferraro was resigning from his job. Ferraro says it was just his way of saying he wouldn’t return until there were changes.

Ready for some of the allegations in the suit? According to USA Today:

The suit alleges that O’Leary used a derogatory word for African-Americans and called the NFL “one big ‘Ru-Ru’ tribe.” The suit also alleges O’Leary once advised coaches to check African-American players “to make sure their gums are blue, because they are bigger, faster and stronger than (African-American players) with red gums.”

That is some high-level, complex stereotyping right there, I tell you.

Honestly, the only thing about the suit that surprises me is that Ferraro went to work for O’Leary after previously serving under him at Georgia Tech. Didn’t he already know what O’Leary was like? Or did something change?

Top recruit Darian Roseboro decommits from Michigan

Darian RoseboroIt looks like we’re starting to see the fallout from Michigan’s struggles and negative P.R. over the coaching staff’s handling of quarterback Shane Morris over the weekend.

Darian Roseboro, a top defensive lineman in the 2015 recruiting class, announced on Twitter Monday that he has officially decommitted from Michigan.

Players decommitting is part of the game and happens from time-to-time, especially when a program is struggling like Michigan.

Roseboro announced his commitment on ESPN Aug. 29, saying, “I love the coaching staff, the fans, everything about (Michigan),” according to MLive.com.

Apparently that has changed.

Michigan has eight seemingly solid commits for the 2015 recruiting class (players who would be on campus next year). Two of their top recruits (not included in the eight) reportedly are interested in taking other visits. The more this sort of thing starts to happen, the more pressure there will be for the school to make a change at head coach. You want a new coach in place to help solidify the program and show your recruits that you have a direction.

As for Roseboro, there are rumblings that he is interested in NC State, which gave Florida State a great run over the weekend. Roseboro was there on a visit.

Here’s his highlight video: