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Saturday, February 25, 2017

Worst Throwback Jerseys Ever

Worst Throwback Jerseys Ever

Uniforms are one of the more interesting aspects of sports. It doesn’t matter what sport it is, we always like to see what teams are wearing. You may have noticed a trend recently where teams began wearing throwback jerseys as a nod to the outfits the franchise wore at some point during their history. Some of these uniforms are pretty sweet, but others are about the worst ever.

Who could forget a few years ago when we saw the absolutely awful uniforms that the Broncos wore for their throwback game? It’s still burned into my memory how ugly those were. Usually I don’t have a problem with teams wearing these because most of them are pretty cool. In fact, the Chicago Blackhawks have added a throwback jersey that they wore during 2009’s Winter Classic to their rotation now. But seeing some of these uniforms reminds me that some of these jerseys are more throwup jerseys than throwbacks.

So, I kindly ask that the following teams officially say adios to their throwback jersey so we no longer have to avert our eyes every time we see them.


Monday Night Will be True Test for Bears

Monday Night Football is important no matter what team for whom you play or against whom you’re playing. It’s an opportunity to showcase yourself nationwide to millions of football fans and it’s a chance to prove that you’re better than people think. The coming Monday night match-up is one that I can get excited about–Chicago Bears vs. Green Bay Packers.

Many Bears fans didn’t enter this season thinking that at the end of week two they would be 2-0 and Jay Cutler would have thrown only one interception. But that’s exactly what’s happened. The problem is Bears fans already know how stellar Aaron Rodgers and the Packers are and they are throwing their pessimism around the streets of Chicago. All I can say is, we haven’t seen anything yet. The Bears (barely) beat the Lions and they got past the Cowboys. Though they look like a much better team than they did in 2009, they haven’t faced tough competition yet.

That’s why Monday night is important. Not only is the Bears-Packers rivalry one of the best in the NFL, it’s also going to prove to Bears fans what they are really dealing with this year. It will show them if the Bears actually stand a chance against good teams or if they are going to only get past mediocre ones.

Packers fans: hold onto your cheese hats because I do think this is going to be a great game. Unfortunately, I don’t see the Bears winning but I do see it staying close and I see them remembering that when they meet again later in the season. Don’t get me wrong, I would love to see a 3-0 Bears team on Monday night. Not only that, but they would also be in first place. The Bears always crumble on Monday nights, but we’ve already been surprised by the boys in navy and orange this season. What’s to say they can’t do it again?

Manny to Say Bye, Bye to his Dreads

Now that Manny Ramirez is a member of the Chicago White Sox, owner Jerry Reinsdorf has asked the slugger to do something drastic — cut off the dreads. Manny is doing as he’s told and flying his personal barber to Boston so that his hair will be ready for the first game of the White Sox-Red Sox series.

Though the dreads are Manny’s signature look, he said that it doesn’t bother him having to cut them off “It seems like everywhere I go, people worry about my hair. I just want to go out there and play the game.”

I would figure he’d be a little more upset, I know I would. I love having Manny sporting the black and white, but in all honesty who really believes he’ll be a member of the team next spring? Anyone? Yeah, me neither. He’s a member of the White Sox to help their playoff run. They may have convinced him that he’s auditioning for next year, but I really don’t see that happening. My point in all this is that it’s not worth cutting my hair if I’m Manny knowing that I’ll only be on this team for the next 29 days (if they don’t make the playoffs).

I do appreciate the fact that Manny’s being a team player and doing what is asked of him. Manny is used to having that hair though, Mr. Reinsdorf. If your decision to make him cut it some how throws his swing off balance then Sox fans will be blaming you. As for now, I can’t wait to see what happens with the hair. Manny is a character, for all we know he could walk out tonight with an inch off his hair (technically he would have “cut his hair”) or with a completely shaved head.

Reports: Manny to Cut His Hair Friday [Fox Sports]
Photo Credit: AP Photo/Mark Duncan

Frank Thomas Gets Emotional at White Sox Jersey Retirement Ceremony

Frank Thomas is a man who means a lot to the city of Chicago–especially if you are a White Sox fan. On Sunday, his former team honored him by hosting “Frank Thomas Day” at U.S. Cellular Field before the finale of a three game series against the Yankees. The Sox retired Thomas’ number and unveiled his picture in the outfield.  I’ve never had my number retired, but I imagine it’s an emotional day for a player who is getting one of the highest honors that a former team can provide. They are forever immortalizing you in their organization and I see it as the biggest way a team can say “thank you.”

This isn’t the first time this year we’ve seen emotional speeches in Chicago. Lou Piniella gave an emotional retirement speech a week ago and Jeremy Roenick welled up after the Blackhawks’ Stanley Cup victory. If you missed it, here’s the Big Hurt’s speech from U.S. Cellular Field:

I don’t believe anyone can judge Thomas or any other athlete for getting emotional at something this important in their career. In fact, every time I’ve witnessed emotional speeches like these, it reminds me that these guys are just human after all. As a Sox fan, I got emotional watching Thomas’ speech and I’d like to say thank you to the Big Hurt for all the amazing talent and passion he brought to our team. I don’t think anybody deserves it more.

White Sox honor all-time great Frank Thomas [CSN Chicago]

Skydiver Gets Hung at Rangers Game

The Rangers decided to entertain their fans on Tuesday night by having an Army Golden Knights parachute team drop in before the game. Unfortunately for one of the parachuters, he missed his mark and got stuck on the flagpole as we saw via Deadspin.

Luckily he was only up there for a few minutes and I think the fans got a good laugh out of watching him try to get off the flagpole. I’m not going to sit here and judge him though. If that were me, I probably would have missed the park completely.

Skydiver Gets Stranded Atop Rangers Ballpark [Deadspin]

Alan Trammell Screwed Over by Cubs

On Sunday, Cubs manager Lou Piniella gave a tearful goodbye to the baseball world. He retired immediately following the Braves-Cubs game to be with his ailing mother. Because of Lou’s departure, the Cubs needed a managerial replacement, and they named third base coach Mike Quade the team’s interim manager for the remainder of the season. That move definitely made me scratch my head.

Piniella hasn’t been around the team much since he announced he would retire back in July. In his absence, bench coach Alan Trammell has been managing the the team. But I guess that doesn’t mean much to the Cubs. Jim Hendry and company completely overlooked Trammell and gave the job to Quade for the rest of the season. And if that wasn’t bad enough, they also told Trammell that he wasn’t even being considered for the vacant mangerial spot. Basically they told him that he didn’t have a shot in heck and that he wasn’t even being given a courtesy interview.


Mariotti Wasn’t Locked Up Long Enough

Let me start off by saying I have never liked Jay Mariotti. Never. I’ve always seen him as a pompous jerk. And that’s the way that he likes to be seen. So when I heard Jay Mariotti was arrested because of a suspected domestic dispute, well, I couldn’t help but smile. But now, of course, he’s out on bail.

Why did someone let him out? Who possibly posted bail for him? If it were me, I’d have let him sit there in his own stupidity. Mariotti has always played a jerk on TV but now he’s supposedly let his true colors shine last night too. If that’s the case, and he really was involved in some type of “domestic incident,” than he is a bigger clown than I could have imagined.

I don’t have much to say to you Mariotti. It’s fine to be known as an “edgy” sports reporter who has strong opinions and translates them in less than nice ways. But it’s another thing entirely to be a crappy person too. I just can’t wait for Monday’s edition of Around the Horn to see what Woody Paige writes about you on his chalkboard.

Jay Mariotti Free on Bail After 12 Hours in the Clink [Deadspin]

Brett Favre Has Already Prepared Us for Another Un-Retirement

I don’t think anyone was shocked on Wednesday to discover that Brett Favre would return for another season with the Minnesota Vikings. But the dramatic quarterback didn’t just want yesterday to be about his return, he also wanted to talk about his next retirement stint. Are we really talking about 2011 already? My head hurts just thinking about it.

Grandpa football said that this is his last year and that after 20 seasons he’ll be ready to throw in the towel. Part of me wants to believe the drama queen is telling the truth, but his retirement track record says otherwise. Yes, he always gets the attention because he is one of the biggest names in the NFL, but is anyone else tired of hearing it? Who knows if he’ll even last the whole season because players will be targeting his ankle. Then what? Are we going to hear that because he got injured six weeks into the season it didn’t really count and he’ll be playing football again in 2011?

I really am sick and tired of going through this every year with him. Ever hear of the little boy who cried wolf? Well Favre, you’re the old man who cried retirement and eventually no one is going to listen anymore. I can’t help but respect the man, but please give it a rest.

So, here’s my proposal Brett Favre: I’ll stop ragging on you if you really don’t return next season. You may be big news nationwide but believe me, it’s bigger news here in NFC North country. I’ve gone through it when you retired from the Packers, and now again with the Vikings, and I just can’t handle the hype around your retirement anymore. Thankfully, I have an entire year until I know if you hold up your end of the bargain. That means another year of poking fun at old man Favre.

Favre returns to the Vikings for 20th season [AP/Fox Sports]

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