Nike’s New Tiger Woods and Earl Woods Ad Is just Creepy

Nike released a new ad featuring Tiger Woods and the voice of his late father, Earl Woods. It might be just me but I don’t know exactly what the point of this is or what it does for the company. Here’s the a video of the new Nike Tiger Woods ad featuring his father Earl Woods:

Um, OK so is Nike trying to remind people about Tigers’ “indiscretions”? If I were them I would think that I would want to move past it and make people focus on the here and now rather than the drama of a few months ago. I also find it really creepy that they are using his late father’s voice for this ad. Earl Woods died in 2006 and this ad has got some eerie “beyond the grave” type feel to it and it just really gives me a chill in my spine when I watch.

So with Tiger officially carrying the Nike torch, I wonder what their next move will be after this creepy campaign. Maybe they’ll be changing their slogan from “Just do it” to “Keep it in your pants.”

The Sports Adulterers Hall of Fame

With Tiger Woods returning to competitive golf this week despite the recent revelations of his extramarital affairs, it got me thinking about other notorious spouse cheaters in sports. If we were to turn our backs on all the athletes who have cheated on their wives, who would we have left? If we were to shun every athlete who has ever done anything distasteful, then our Hall of Fames would be practically empty. Moreover, it’s amazing that some of the finest athletes in their sports dominated despite drama-filled lives. Today, let’s take a walk through The Sports Adulterers Hall of Fame and remember that what an athlete does in their personal life doesn’t necessarily impact their game.

Tiger Woods: He has returned to the golf world despite all the drama surrounding him and his family. Tiger was scrutinized for his multiple “indiscretions” and rumors swirled that he had even impregnated one of his mistresses a couple of times. Tiger has won 71 PGA Tour events, and 14 Majors to which he is second only to Jack Nicklaus. But beyond his honors and trophies, Tiger’s brilliance resulted in an explosion in popularity of the game which itsel has been an amazing achievement.

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Former Bulls GM Jerry Krause to Consult for White Sox

The Chicago White Sox have hired the former general manger of the Chicago Bulls, Jerry Krause, to be a baseball consultant for the team. His main responsibility will be “revamping” the scouting system in the Dominican Republic. Manager Ozzie Guillen seems to think that this was a good decision for a funny reason: “Very smart man. He gambled, trading for me, and he won.” Though Ozzie’s pleased with the idea, I have some concerns.

Can a man who was so successful in the world of the NBA bring the same magic to MLB? Although Krause was once a scout for the Sox, that was a long time ago. Was it too long ago? I’ve never been a general manager nor a baseball consultant, so I don’t know how easy it is to bounce between sports. Can you go from being a general manager who helped a basketball team win six titles to being a baseball scout and have the same success? I guess only time will tell but it’s hard to think it will be easy.

White Sox hire Krause as consultant [ESPN]

Kenyon Martin Does Not Appreciate Buttered Popcorn in his White Car

I love a good prank. I don’t know about you, but some of my favorite sports stories are the ones where they talk about the shenanigans going on between teammates. Baseball pranks generally are the best, but some basketball pranks aren’t far behind. Though they’re good for the audience, they sometimes leave the people involved less than laughing. Such was the case for Kenyon Martin of the Denver Nuggets.

On Thursday, April Fools Day, Nuggets former ball boy Laquan Johnson went into the Nuggets’ locker room to take Martin’s car keys so he could fill the car with popcorn, replicating a Sacramento Kings prank from last year. Seems pretty harmless right? Oh, I forgot to mention the interior of Martin’s car is white and the popcorn was buttered. Oops. Needless to say Martin was pretty ticked off. He stormed into the locker room and said the following:

“That ain’t no [expletive] joke. I’m going to find out who did it … put my [expletive] hands on one of y’all. I’m going to put my hands on whoever did it. You better believe that. It’s [expletive] personal. You better believe it.”

Apparently, Martin was more angry that someone could just go into the locker room and steal his keys than the prank itself. He was worried that something more serious could have happened.  He even threatened to sit out for the post season if someone didn’t fess up for the prank.

This isn’t the first time that Martin has decided to take matters into his own hands. Last year he got into it with Mark Cuban who was fighting with Martin’s mom. Eventually the ball boy apologized to Martin and said he would pay for the damages. I think it’s K-Mart who should lighten up; it’s only a car and it’s not like he can’t afford to get his interior cleaned.

Martin upset about popcorn prank [ESPN]

Would 96 Teams Work? Only One Way to Find Out

Almost every sports fan I know gets excited when they flip their calender from Feburary to March and realizes that March Madness is just a few weeks away. Even though this year’s tournament isn’t even over yet, the NCAA has already started talking about the future. Nothing is set in stone, but the NCAA is looking to expand the tournament from its current 65 team field to one that included 96 teams.

I’m not quite sure what to think about this. In one way, I think that 65 teams is quite enough for this tournament. I think that it allows for some of the best basketball games to be played because you’ve got some of the best teams in the nation playing some teams who aren’t quite as good but at least put up a fight. So what would happen if the other teams were included? Would it even be fair to let some of these teams into the tournament when they might not have a very good shot? I just don’t know.

On the other hand, the expansion would be good. In the proposed format, the NCAA tournament would absorb the 32-team NIT, and that could result in some good competition for NCAA teams. Plus, inviting more teams to the Big Dance would give several more student athletes a chance for fame and the opportunity to live a dream.

I can’t seem to make up my mind about whether this would be a good thing or bad thing for the NCAA but I guess their is only one way to find out — try it. As long as the excitement of the March Madness continues, I guess it couldn’t hurt.

NCAA: 96-team field is the best fit [ESPN]

If Brutal Bulls Have a Shot at the Playoffs Then the System Is Broken

The Phoneix Suns clinched a spot in the playoffs Tuesday night with a win over the Chicago Bulls. This was a heartbreaking loss for the Bulls as it pushes them a game and a half out of the NBA playoffs. Although the Bulls have been playing OK lately, it still grinds my gears that the possibility of them making the playoffs exists.

Now don’t get me wrong, I am not directing all my anger at the Bulls; I want to direct it at the NBA. We’ve frequently complained about the NBA playoff seeding system and asked why they don’t re-seed teams. Additionally, how does a system exist that allows a team like the Bulls who are under .500 with 35-39 record to have a chance at winning an NBA title? Why should they be able to make the playoffs? Frankly, I don’t think they have deserved it. The loss of Joakim Noah for most of the season certainly has hurt the team and they haven’t seemed to be able to get a good rhythm going. So please tell me why they should make the playoffs?

Contrarily, the Suns are quite deserving of their playoff spot given their 48-26 record. I think the NBA really needs to revise the playoff system including the amount of teams allowed to participate in the postseason. The way it stands, if a team like the Bulls with that crappy record has a chance at the playoffs then something is wrong with the system.

Bulls playoff hopes on fumes now [ChicagoNow.com]

President Obama Offending White Sox Fans by Throwing Nationals First Pitch?

Second time’s a charm? After declining the Nats offer to throw out the first pitch in their season opener last year due to a busy schedule, President Barack Obama has decided he’ll do the honor at the Washington Nationals home opener on April 5th against the Phillies. This event will mark the 100th anniversary of a president throwing out the first pitch to start the season. The first time was in 1910 when President William Howard Taft did so.  MLB commissioner Bud Selig seems to be happy with the news:

“I am proud that President Obama will continue the long presidential tradition of throwing out the first pitch of opening day in Washington, D.C.,” Selig said.

I think it’s kind of cool that Obama is continuing the tradition. From fighting for a college football playoff to throwing first pitches, it’s pretty fun having a sports fan in the White House.  The only problem is now people are questioning Obama’s allegiance to the White Sox because of it. That’s just stupid — of course he’s a White Sox fan! I’m sure many people who throw out the first pitch at games are not necessarily a fan of that team but they can’t pass up the amazing opportunity (although I’m pretty sure Obama could just tell any team he wants to throw out the first pitch and there would be no argument).

Anyways, I don’t think anyone could sit here and tell me that if a team that you weren’t really a fan of called you up and said “Hey, so we would love if you would throw out the first pitch at the game on Sunday” that you wouldn’t jump at the chance. I would. I won’t reveal who my team is but let’s just say this … I’d do it even if the Cubs asked me.

Obama to throw out first pitch in D.C [Washington Post]