Roy Williams, North Carolina Players Leave Court with Time on Clock to Avoid Fans

There was a big upset in the ACC Saturday when Florida State drubbed 3rd-ranked North Carolina 90-57. Had it not been for the last few, meaningless seconds of a lopsided game and what happened afterward, Seminoles guard Deividas Dulkys would have received the spotlight for scoring a career-high 32 points, hitting a remarkable 8 of 10 3-point shots. Instead, it was UNC coach Roy Williams’ hasty retreat from the court with time on the clock that many fans in attendance will remember.

With 14.2 seconds remaining in the game, Seminole fans were gearing up to rush the court. FSU coach Leonard Hamilton met with Williams and a referee to discuss matters. Then, Williams had his team and coaching staff promptly shake the Seminole players’ hands as they quickly hustled to the safety of the locker room.

Those 14.2 seconds still remained, however. Williams left five walk-ons to stay on the floor until time ran out, leaving them to run off as FSU fans rushed the court. The scene in Tallahassee was pretty incredible with all the fans storming the floor:

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J.C. Cross Country Star Ayded Reyes Facing Deportation

Ayded Reyes is a 20-year-old student-athlete at Southwestern College in Chula Vista, CA. In October, Reyes was with her boyfriend in his car, parked at a port park after closing time, when a San Diego Harbor Police officer approached. Though they were not doing anything illegal, Reyes and her boyfriend were asked for their IDs. Unfortunately, Reyes could produce nothing more than her Southwestern student ID. A subsequent background check led to the discovery of her illegal status. This led to a nightmarish five days of incarceration while Immigration and Customs Enforcement attempted to get her deported.

“I didn’t even know that I was born [in Mexico] until I was in middle school. To me, well, I’ve always been a proud American,” says Reyes.

Thanks to the efforts of her coach, Duro Agbede, Reyes was rescued from deportation when Congressman Bob Filner intervened on her behalf. Hours later Reyes put on her running shoes and won the Pacific Coast Conference championship. On November 19th, Reyes finished an impressive fifth at the California State championships despite a fall and being run over.

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Oklahoma High School with only 10 Students Per Class Starts Football Team, Saves the School

Gracemont High (Okla.) has been around, if you’ll believe it, for a century. Yes, 100 years of education, which means the school predates the World War I. Heck, Gracemont is older than the NFL, which got its start as the American Professional Football Association in 1920.

Even with all that history, Gracemont had never fielded a football team. The reason is obvious: The entire town of Gracemont has a population of 336. Being so small was one of the main causes of the school’s myriad problems, including dwindling attendance and a lack of funds. The latter could be remedied by the former. If the school could get more students, federal funds would come its way.

The problems gave Jeremy Scott, a football coach who led Gainesville High to a state championship in Texas in 2003, an idea. According to Sports Illustrated, when things got really bad for Gracemont in 2010, Scott made a fateful suggestion.

“Let’s bring football to Gracemont High,” said Scott.

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UCLA Commit Jordan Adams Says Ex-Tennessee Coach Bruce Pearl Sent ‘Beautiful’ Girl to Recruit Him

The hits just keep on coming for Bruce Pearl. In an interview with National Recruiting Spotlight, UCLA basketball commit Jordan Adams revealed that Pearl sent a “beautiful” girl to meet with him. We presume that the former Tennessee coach sent this girl in hopes of persuading Adams to become a Volunteer. That’s a safe assumption considering this isn’t the first time Tennessee has used an attractive girl in recruiting high school prospects.

When asked if he had any interesting stories during his recruitment, Adams responded (quote since deleted from the interview):

“Yeah, well, he’s fired now, so… we had a game and there was this girl, she was beautiful. She came up to me and started talking to me and told me she went to Tennessee. She said Bruce Pearl sent her. I kind of knew she was kind of a groupie, but she was just so beautiful I just had to talk to her… I had to talk to her, she was beautiful.”

Pearl was fired back in March for a laundry list of recruiting and coaching violations. The outspoken coach is not the only coach to bend and break NCAA rules, but for one reason or another, his transgressions were always in the spotlight. Maybe his animated style has something to do with it, or maybe it was the fact that he broke too many rules to keep hidden.

Following his termination from Tennessee, Pearl left basketball for a marketing position with H.T Hackney Co. If he chooses to come back to the sport, this isn’t going to help.

Former TD Ameritrade CEO Joe Moglia Named Coastal Carolina’s New Head Coach

Joe Moglia has traded in the boardroom for the sidelines. On Tuesday Coastal Carolina announced the hiring of Moglia, the 62-year-old ex-CEO of TD Ameritrade, as the football team’s new head coach.

After 17 years working at Merrill Lynch, Joe Moglia served as Ameritrade’s CEO from ’01 to ’08. Now the Chanticleers have given Moglia his first shot as a head coach. Moglia replaces David Bennett, the only coach Coastal Carolina has ever known in its 9 years of NCAA football. According to reports, CCU President David DeCenzo pointed to the team’s recent decline as the main driving force behind Moglia’s hiring. We think former coach Bennett’s rant earlier this season may have had a role in his firing.

Moglia is not without football experience, however. In 1983 the billionaire multi-hyphenate previously coach at Dartmouth as defensive coordinator before taking his talents to Wall Street. His love of the sport has never wavered. Following his departure from Ameritrade’s top spot, Moglia managed the UFL’s Omaha Nighthawks as president and head coach.

Said Moglia of his reputation, “I think most people know now I’m a football coach going back to football. I think that’s what they believe.”

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Video: Runaway Cart Plows Through Crowd After Texas H.S. Championship Game

At Cowboy Stadium on Saturday, a driver-less electric cart got loose at the Texas 5A Division II championship game. What ensued was a jaw-dropping collision in which the cart played like a bowling ball and struck a group of people near the Cowboy star at midfield.

The crazy cart-bowling happened as Spring Dekaney celebrated their 34-14 victory over Cibolo Steele. Dekaney head coach Willie Amendola was among those that got struck. Seven people were reported to have been injured, though none of them serious.

Fortunately, if you watch the video closely, a dude racing after the cart managed to jump in and hit the breaks before things got worse. What’s perhaps even more amazing is the man in the blue polo who found himself lying flat in the passenger seat after being upended.

I think the question that’s worth asking is: how many Texans does it take to stop a golf cart on the loose?

High School Cheering Team Disqualified from Competition for Letting Male Compete

In an era where sports is trending toward gender equality, girls are getting more and more opportunities to participate on boys’ teams. Every now and then we see a high school girl kicking field goals for the football team. For Brandon Urbas, a 14-year-old Michigan high school cheerleader, the opposite is unfortunately not as openly accepted. In a recent competition, Urbas’ Y-gene led to his team’s disqualification. Urbas’ Michigan high school coach broke the news to him and the cheerleading team after a competition in Port Huron this week.

Urbas is the only male on his Lakeview High cheering team. That doesn’t seem to bother anyone, as evidenced by the fact that he insists he has received great support.

“(The football players) just tell me that if I have any problems to let them know and they always have my back,” Urbas said according to WXYZ in Michigan.

The same cannot be said for the Michigan High School Athletic Association which released a statement that read as follows: “Boys may not participate on a girls’ team in MHSAA sponsored postseason meets and tournaments. Schools have adopted this position to preserve participation opportunities for the historically underrepresented gender.”

Cheerleading has always been viewed as a girl’s sport. Few would dispute that. Still, to disallow a cheerleader because of his sex is a bit unfair in a sport measured by synchronicity, choreography, and spirit. A man’s testosterone level might give him an advantage in running or throwing, but timing your back-flips with teammates seems to favor no gender.

The biggest question is if Urbas was not allowed to participate, why was his team permitted to compete? The MHSAA could have avoided this by informing Lakeview of the rule. A male in a tournament where only females are allowed seems like an easy red flag to spot.

Photo via WXYZ’s news video.