Rams rookie Trumaine Johnson misses first practice after oversleeping

There are good ways to start your NFL career, and there are bad ways. Rams rookie cornerback Trumaine Johnson knows about the bad ways.

The third-round draft pick reached a contract agreement with the team on Tuesday, which made him eligible to join the team at training camp on Wednesday. But Johnson couldn’t make it in time for his first official practice because of a regrettable turn of events in his hometown of Stockton, Calif.

“I set my alarm clock,” Johnson said, according to the St. Louis Post-Dispatch. “I didn’t hear it. I missed my flight. I messed up.”

Chalk it up as a rookie mistake. The good news is Johnson won’t be fined by coach Jeff Fisher for his tardiness. Rams rookie camp is all that’s taking place right now, and missing one day of that isn’t as bad as missing a day of full-squad practice, which starts on Sunday. But still, you have to think Johnson regrets things starting off like this. Let’s just hope he used the extra time wisely and remembered to bring a TV.

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Tim Tebow heckled by Jets fans at training camp

It didn’t take long for Tim Tebow to feel the wrath of cynical Jets fans. The Jets opened practice to the public for the first time in training camp on Saturday. And after a handful of snaps in offensive team drills, it became clear Tebow and his arm aren’t winning anybody over. Here’s The Star-Ledger, via Pro Football Talk:

Later, during the 11-on-11 team period, Tebow received a few more jeers. On one play when he held onto the ball for too long, a couple fans called for him to “Throw it, Tebow!” Later, on a shaky incompletion, they called out, “Tebow, come on!” and “That’s a Tebow ball!”

What kind of ludicrous expectations did these fans have? We’re not even a week into training camp, so I don’t know what they were thought they were going to see, especially because Tebow is hardly known for his passing acumen. Plus, Tebow’s going to be on special teams anyway (maybe). Is Tebow that much fun to hate, even for Jets fans?

Anyway, we all know the mood will change when Mark Sanchez stinks it up during the season. And then those fans once heckling Tebow will end up preferring him. That’s sports.

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Ryan Lochte wears diamond grill on medal podium (Photo)

Ryan Lochte kicked off what could become a very decorated London Olympics for him by decisively winning gold in the 400-meter individual medley on Saturday (Michael Phelps floundered out of the medals with a disappointing fourth-place finish).

On the medal podium following the race, Lochte’s fourth-career Olympic gold medal noticeably wasn’t the only bling he had on. The swimmer continued his tradition of sporting diamond-ecrusted grills on his teeth during medal ceremonies. Lochte’s fixation with oral jewelry has a measured history that goes back to at least the Beijing Games.

So, he has a penchant for flashy sneakers and really likes to wear grills. Are we sure Ryan Lochte doesn’t also have a rap album under the name Lil Lochte?

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Josh Hamilton praying for fans booing him amid slump

Josh Hamilton is in the middle of an ugly stretch, hitting just .190 since the start of June and failing to get a single hit with runners in scoring position in July.

Rangers fans are starting to get cranky. Boos emanating from the crowd at the Ballpark in Arlington are beginning to be noticeable and are growing. Hamilton, of course, has heard the booing, and he says he’s not going to let it bother him.

“I’m just out there playing; I don’t take any of it personal,” Hamilton said, according to The Dallas Morning News. “It’s all about what have you done for me lately. There were still more people yelling encouraging me. I pray for the ones who were [booing].”

“It’s disappointing,” Hamilton added about being booed by home fans. “It’s disappointing. I’ll leave it that.”

But like Hamilton alluded to, when he snaps out of the slump and starts hitting four home runs in a single game again and leading the team into the playoffs, everything will be all hunky dory again in Arlington.

Hamilton has even faced the ire of team owner Nolan Ryan, who this week criticized the former MVP for giving away at bats. Last we checked, Hamilton didn’t respond by saying he’d be praying for Ryan.

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Team USA gets revenge on Kevin Love (Photo)

Kevin Love pulled a fast one earlier this week when he posted an unflattering photo to Twitter of not one, not two, not three, not four, not five, but six of his U.S. basketball teammates (and Coach K!) getting their beauty sleep on a flight to London. The photo made it’s rounds because how could you not like a photo that, among other things, depicts Chris Paul slobbering all over his pillow?

Now Team USA has exacted its revenge, giving Love a taste of his own medicine by snapping a photo of the Timberwolves forward catching some Z’s during a team bus ride. Russell Westbrook evidently couldn’t help but to rub it in.

Deron Williams posted the photo to Twitter with the message, “Payback #Gotem.” Love replied by tweeting, “Caught me slipping.”

It was a long night at the Opening Ceremony, so who can really blame Love for passing out? But apparently he must have thought he could slip by his teammates unnoticed by pulling the ol’ sunglasses trick. Either that or he wanted to do his best impression of Westbrook.

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Bears CB D.J. Moore used Twitter to borrow a fan’s TV for training camp

Training camp. The most monotonous time of the year for spoiled, millionaire NFL players as they dorm it up like college freshmen for several weeks before the regular season. With camps beginning to open across the league, players are getting ready to endure those weeks of monotony.

That includes Bears cornerback D.J. Moore, who sought to cure his boredom at camp in Bourbannais, Ill., by getting a TV. But, unable to bring his TV from home or buy a new one, Moore thought he’d go on Twitter to solve the problem:

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Prostitutes reportedly being run out of London for Olympics

Believe it or not but prostitution is actually legal in the United Kingdom (or, as I guess we have to call it for the next two weeks, Great Britain). But, according to the AFP, there’s been a crackdown on the sex trade in London in an attempt to clean the streets in advance of the estimated 2 million visitors hailing upon the city for the Olympics.

East London, where the Olympic Park is situated, is the primary target of London’s Metropolitan Police, which has performed numerous raids on brothels in that segment of the city.

Still, Open Doors, a government advocacy group that supports East London sex workers (yes, apparently these groups exist), says the crackdown puts the prostitutes in harm’s way.

“They are already stigmatized, they are already vulnerable,” Georgina Perry, who runs Open Doors said. “All that’s happening to them is that they’re moving further away from services that can support them.”

One prostitute seems a little more worried about her financial situation than her safety.

“It’s going to be a complete nightmare, and I think we’re all going to lose masses of money,” she said.

Hey, I’m sure you’d be welcomed with open arms at the Olympic Village.

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