Lions player on team’s arrests: ‘We’re becoming the laughingstock’ of all sports

The Lions’ off-the-field run-ins with police this offseason have been so abundant that they probably could fill an entire season of “Cops.”

The latest incident resulted in the team releasing cornerback Aaron Berry, who was arrested for the second time in less than a month after allegedly pointing a loaded gun at three people in Pennsylvania over the weekend.

All the arrests have prompted one unnamed Lions player to speak publicly about his disappointment with his teammates:

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Brian Cashman blasts ‘unprofessional’ doctor who said Mariano Rivera could return this season

Ever since Mariano Rivera tore his ACL on May 3 in a freak batting practice accident, the Yankees have contended that their star closer will not be able to return this season. The team is so adamant that Rivera won’t return to the mound in 2012 that Yankees GM Brian Cashman brutally called out a physical therapist of Rivera’s that said otherwise.

Cashman was being interviewed on MLB Network Radio when he took aim at Dr. Keith Pyne, the therapist quoted in the media as saying Rivera could return to pitching for the team by season’s end.

“His physical therapist that he’s working with, I thought was unprofessional and went public with things,” Cashman said, as per the New York Daily News. “I mean, medical personnel should be quiet.”

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Jets reportedly considering to use Tim Tebow on kickoffs

Back in April, it was reported that the New York Jets for some reason wanted to put a back-up quarterback — specifically the newly acquired Tim Tebowon special teams. Well, according to the New York Daily News, the Jets still haven’t realized how ridiculous and idiotic that sounds, as they continue to seriously consider utilizing Tebow on kickoffs and kick returns.

“There are certain situations where he might be on the field that he could be utilized possibly to block or possibly to field a ball,” Jets special teams coordinator Mike Westhoff said. “If a team squibs it at you or pops it at you, he might be the perfect guy to put in that could make an adjustment. If they kick it deep, he could block. If they squib it or pop it, he could be guy that we’d have with a ball in his hands … So, it’s just a situational thing.”

“His role with me won’t be a paramount role,” Westhoff added. “I’m not counting on Tebow coming in and being a hardcore four-team special teams player. That’s not what we want. We have a limited role for him, but it will be one that presents problems. That’s what Tebow is all about. He presents problems to good football teams in a lot of aspects. You have to be aware of it. If you’re not aware of it, it could jump up and smack you.”

The Jets also reportedly want to experiment in using Tebow in red-zone situations. It’s all part of the Jets’ plan to keep Tebow busy while they wait for Mark Sanchez to play horribly and have the locker room and Jets fans turn on him.

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Rugby player Dean Young knocked out cold on devastating hit (Video)

From Australia’s National Rugby League comes the above video of one of the most vicious hits you’ll see in contact sports. St. George Illawarra’s Dean Young was knocked unconscious on a punishing tackle made by South Sydney’s Greg Inglis in Saturday night’s contest. The ball was jarred loose (fumbled?) and when play stopped both sides had to separated when tempers flared.

Young was put in a neck brace and carted off the field. He reportedly was “heavily concussed” but showed no other signs of injury. Inglis could receive a staggering three-week suspension from the NRL, to which even Roger Goodell is dumbfounded.

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Tony Romo lends support to Dez Bryant: ‘I have his back’

He might have assaulted his own mother, but Dez Bryant can rest assured that Tony Romo is still in his corner.

“The one thing I know is that Dez knows I have his back,” Romo told ESPN on Friday. “Dez knows I’ll be there for him. Dez knows that I’m going to stick up for him.”

Bryant turned himself into police on Monday on a family domestic violence charge after allegedly slapping his mother in the face and grabbing her by the hair during an argument at her DeSoto, Texas, home.

“None of us are directly involved in what’s going on in his life,” Romo said. “So everyone, the speculation, the articles and things that are written are just people that are guessing. And they’re going to have their opinions based on it but no one knows exactly the way that Dez grew up, the way that things have shaped his life and his difficulties.”

Bryant could face up to a year in jail if convicted, not to mention a phone call from Roger Goodell. This is the latest on the embattled receiver’s growing rap sheet of incidents that have left the Cowboys planting their faces in their palms. There have been massive jewelry debts, pants-sagging altercations, club fights with Lil Wayne’s entourage (for real). And now this. Keep in mind, however, this is the first time Bryant’s actually been arrested for something.

Patrick Kane addresses drunken Cinco de Mayo photos: I don’t have a drinking problem

Back in May, after the Blackhawks’ season ended with a first-round exit in the playoffs, some rather, um, interesting photos of notorious partier Patrick Kane‘s drunken, wild, sloppy Cinco de Mayo in Madison, Wis., surfaced.

Among the things captured in said photos are Kaner binge drinking, talking to a police officer and passing out at a bar. You know, typical Cinco de Mayo happenings for any 23 year old but nonetheless behavior still alarming enough to the Blackhawks that they reportedly suggested Kane seek counseling.

On Friday, Kane finally spoke publicly about the photos. He appeared to express regret that they leaked out but not for his actions.

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NCAA expected to hit Penn State with ‘unprecedented penalties’ but not death penalty

Amid the hoopla surrounding Penn State’s inevitable removal of the Joe Paterno statue Sunday morning and the Paterno family’s amusingly ironic statement, are reports that the NCAA will drop the hammer on the university on Monday for its egregious conduct in handling the Jerry Sandusky scandal, as outlined in the Freeh Report.

A press conference is scheduled for Monday morning in which NCAA president Mark Emmert is expected to announce “corrective and punitive measures” against Penn State. Multiple reports say the school will avoid being slapped with the crippling “death penalty,” which would have shut down the football program for at least a year. But, according to CNN, the degree of Penn State’s punishment is expected to be harsh, with the school receiving “significant, unprecedented penalties” that are “well beyond what has been done in the past.”

ESPN adds that the penalties will be so severe that Penn State might as well wish it were getting the death penalty. It’s still not clear what the NCAA’s punishments will entail but loss of scholarships and bowl games are likely to be included.

Given that the entire cover up by Penn State officials was designed to protect the football program, some argued that it would only be right for the school to lose the football team via the death penalty, if the NCAA were to act at all (which wasn’t a given). While others might have considered that to be too harsh of a punishment and unfair to the players and coaches (and even other athletic programs at the school that leech off the revenue football brings in) who had nothing to do with the scandal, the NCAA does have a tendency to punish those who are far from being at fault. Anyway, come Monday we’ll see if the death penalty advocates will be satisfied with whatever hammer Emmert decides to drop.