Derrick Rose, adidas reportedly agree to 2nd-richest shoe deal in history

There are the one-percenters, and then there’s Derrick Rose, who is now probably part of the 0.5 percent after the absurd shoe deal he reportedly signed with adidas on Friday.

According to Yahoo! Sports, the reigning NBA MVP reportedly inked a 13-year, $185 million endorsement deal with the sports apparel giant. Additional incentives supposedly could push the deal beyond the $200 million mark. Rose, whose signature shoe is the “adiZero Rose,” has been with adidas since entering the league in 2008 (you may have seen some of his overhyped commercials).

The agreement is the second-biggest shoe deal in history, so says CNBC’s Darren Rovell, right behind, you guessed it, Michael Jordan’s arrangement with Nike. (And with a deal so big, it’s no wonder why adidas allegedly wants to have a say in where its superstars play.)

Just on the shoe deal alone, Rose, 23, is pretty much set for life. But prior to this season, he also signed a five-year, $94.8 million extension with the Bulls, otherwise known as 0.51 adidas contracts. All said, that’s upwards of $280 million destined for Rose’s bank account.

For those of you keeping score at home, Rose isn’t rich; He’s stinkin’ rich. Feel free to curl up in a corner and weep.

Photo credit: Derick E. Hingle, US Presswire

Buzz Williams dances after Marquette win, infuriates West Virginia students (Video)

After his team overcame a 15-point deficit for a gritty, one-point road victory over West Virginia, Marquette coach Buzz Williams had every reason to dance. Even more reason: the No. 10 Golden Eagles pulled it off with four of his top players suspended for parts of the game.

So as John Denver’s “Take Me Home, Country Roads” flowed from WVU Coliseum’s speakers as the arena emptied after the game, Williams did a couple twirls and a two-step as he made his way across the floor for an interview with ESPN right in front of the West Virginia student section. And the student faithful was hardly pleased with Williams’ little shimmy.

By the time he made it to the broadcast booth, a cluster of incensed students had to be held back by security and ESPN analyst Bill Raftery got hit a foamy object undoubtedly meant for Williams.

Here’s a video of the entire episode:

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Kobe Bryant puts himself ahead of Michael Jordan, behind Wilt on NBA all-time greatest list? (Video)

The debate on the greatest player in NBA history continues, and in this latest installment, it’s noted trash talker Kobe Bryant throwing in his two cents. In a video from last summer’s Drew League that Jersey Chaser shares with us, Kobe seems to get caught saying he believes he’s the second-greatest player in the NBA’s history, behind Wilt Chamberlain and ahead of Michael Jordan.

Kobe, who was frustrated with the level of competition, has an eyebrow-raising conversation with former NBAer Marcus Banks during a stoppage in play.

“This sh*t child’s play, man,” Kobe says. “It’s too child’s play. Child’s play. Repeat the list, man. Wilt. Me. Mike. …Don’t forget the list, man. It’s a short list.”

Jordan recently said Kobe is the only one comparable to him, and now he probably regrets paying Kobe that compliment. You know MJ is going to take complete offense to Kobe’s remarks, especially because he thinks he would have gone Wilt on today’s players by scoring 100. And because he’s Michael Jordan and has the ego the size of one of his private jets.

Kobe’s comments in the video are open to interpretation. Was he talking about the all-time greatest list? Basketball’s best scorers? Either way, we do know that Kobe puts himself in the same exclusive class as Michael and Wilt, and we think it was intentional he named himself ahead of MJ.

Victor Conte not buying Ryan Braun’s story

Whether or not you believe Ryan Braun’s bold declaration of innocence Friday is up to you. But if you’re one of the nearly 4,000 followers of BALCO founder Victor Conte on Twitter, you’ll know he isn’t buying it. Since an arbitrator on Thursday overturned the reigning NL MVP’s 50-game suspension, Conte hasn’t stopped tweeting his doubt over Braun’s innocence.

Here are a few highlights:

“My opinion. Braun used testosterone. Urine & result are valid. Source claim ‘insanely high.’ Untrue. Only 20 to1 T/E ratio. Others 80 to 1″

“Dopey users and dopey testers. Two failed IQ tests”

“My Opinion. Braun’s people are blowing smoke. Both A & B sample positive w/ CIR (carbon isotope ratio) confirmation. MLB ‘flawed’ technical policy will change soon”

“My opinion. Floyd Landis case like Braun case. A & B samples w/ elevated T/E ratio. CIR confirms “synthetic” testosterone. Lots of smoke”

“The WADA (World Anti-Doping Association) Director said the integrity of Braun’s urine sample had NOT been compromised and WADA would have found him positive. An MLB bad.”

“My opinion. Braun’s positive drug test for testosterone was not overturned. Simply a procedure error was made by MLB. Braun tested positive”

Conte was sentenced to four months in prison for his role with BALCO, so it’s hard to take him seriously when he’s trying to be the moral police, as he is here. Especially so with that last tweet, which, as Eye on Baseball points out, isn’t even an opinion; it’s fact.

Truth is, we might not ever know for certain whether Braun actually cheated, given his appeal was focused on the testing process rather than the actual result. Conte’s tweets are another reminder that Braun winning the arbitration hearing does not mean he never used performance-enhancing drugs. The question is: Do you believe Braun used and just happened to get off, and do you value the analysis of an ex-con like Conte?

Jim Harbaugh was Indiana basketball’s team manager (Pictures, Video)

49ers coach Jim Harbaugh is going to be in Indianapolis for the NFL combine this week, so it only made sense Wednesday night for him to make the hour-long drive south to Bloomington to see his brother-in-law Tom Crean’s Indiana Hoosiers take on North Carolina Central. But what Harbaugh was seen doing during the game might make less sense.

Fans in attendance probably noticed the NFL’s coach of the year, in his typical black-sweater-and-khakis ensemble (he’s practically reached a Steve Jobs-level when it comes to his wardrobe), lingering around huddles and hauling fold-up chairs before and after timeouts. It turns out that’s what Harbaugh wanted to do, and for the night he was college basketball’s most famous (and richest) team manager.

“I’m trying to contribute,” Harbaugh shouted from the back of the room during Crean’s postgame presser when the Hooisers coach was asked about Harbaugh’s involvement on the bench.

When Crean was also asked if his brother-in-law was a Michigan spy, Harbaugh yelled, “Hell no!”

The Hoosiers rolled, 75-56. Afterwards, Harbaugh also spoke to the Indiana players (perhaps about honey badgers?) and even complimented NCC’s coach LeVelle Moton for his team’s effort. Jim Harbaugh being well-mannered towards the other team’s coach? That’s a first.

Below is a video of Harbaugh in action:

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Dana White calls Floyd Mayweather Jr. racist, tells him to fight Pacquiao (Video)

In an epic rant that only Dana White and professional wrestlers are capable of, White unloaded on Floyd Mayweather Jr., calling the undefeated boxer a racist, among other fun and delightful things.

The UFC president was doing an interview with Fuel TV on Tuesday night when he responded to the controversial two cents Mayweather put in last week on the Jeremy Lin hoopla.

“First of all, what he said, I think is racist,” White started out. “He made a couple of racist comments. And yes, Floyd, you’re racist with the stuff that you’ve said. First of all, Jeremy Lin gets all this credit because he’s an Asian player in the NBA that African-Americans never get? Yeah, he’s getting all this praise because he is an Asian guy playing in the NBA.

“And you say African-Americans don’t get it? Really? Kobe Bryant doesn’t get any praise? Michael Jordan never got any praise? The list goes on and on of guys who completely get praised for being great NBA basketball players.”

But it didn’t stop there! Already all-in on being the moral police, White blasted Mayweather for once upon a time telling Manny Pacquiao to make sushi for him: “Sushi’s from Japan. He’s from the Philippines, dummy.”

White ended his diatribe by challenging Mayweather to finally fight Pacquiao: “You don’t deserve more of the purse. If there was ever a fight in history that should be split 50-50, it’s the Pacquiao-Mayweather fight. Shut up, both of you split the money up, and put on the fight that everybody, including me, wants to see.”

With all that, I think Pacquiao might be writing a “God bless Dana White” tweet tomorrow.

H/T Kevin Iole

Former Clippers center Keith Closs admits to drinking on the bench during games

In a recent interview with SLAM, former Clippers center Keith Closs opened up about his short-lived NBA career and how alcohol derailed a promising future in the league. We’ve heard tales in the past of drinking in locker rooms, namely from Ron Artest and Mark Cuban, but by comparison Closs’ admission makes those stories look like Sesame Street.

“I was drinking in the NBA,” Closs told the magazine. “I was drinking on the bench, too. That wasn’t Gatorade in my water bottle; it was whatever I’d brought with me from the liquor store on the way to the arena. I had grown very resentful of the fact that I wasn’t playing…I felt like I was wasting away.”

Closs, who averaged forgettable numbers in his three seasons with the Clippers from 1997 to 2000, also admits to smoking marijuana (while still in uniform) during games at halftime outside Staples Center, often times with fans. But for the 7’3″ Closs, the bottle was his preference. His affinity for the drink was well-established before college, but he says his time at Central Connecticut State only accelerated it. After a league-imposed stint in rehab after receiving two DUIs during the lockout from 1998-99, he still didn’t see himself as having a problem.

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