Shawn Marion pretends like he doesn’t know Jeremy Lin’s name

Is there anyone not swept up in the hoopla surrounding the NBA’s latest sensation, Jeremy Lin? Apparently Shawn Marion is not impressed.

With Marion and the Mavericks taking on the Knicks in The Garden on Sunday, Shawn was asked if he was prepared for Linsanity.

“For who? His name is Lin. It’s Jeremy Lin, right?” Marion said Friday, according to Mavs beat writer Dwain Price.

It should be interesting to see how Lin responds if Marion, who has done a tremendous job of shutting down points guards this season, matches up with him when the Knicks are on offense. If Lin responds the way he did the last time an opposing player disrespected him, it will be a long night for the Mavs.

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LeBron James denies making contact with Dan Gilbert about returning to Cleveland

LeBron James caused quite a stir this week when he made comments hinting at a possible return to Cleveland. James and the Heat disposed of the Cavaliers handily Friday night in Cleveland, 111-87, but after Thursday’s practice James turned heads with the following comments: “I think it would be great, it would be fun to play in front of these fans again. … I’m happy where I’m at now. But I don’t rule that out in no sense. If I decided to come back, hopefully the fans will accept me.”

On Friday, a Yahoo! Sports report emerged detailing attempts by LeBron’s camp to get in touch with Cavs owner Dan Gilbert and discussing a return to the team he so notoriously spurned.

This was no accident, no misspeaking, nothing out of context. Before mentioning Thursday his openness to playing in Cleveland again, James months ago had an emissary or two carry that message to the Cavaliers’ front office, league sources told Yahoo! Sports. His camp wanted the message delivered to owner Dan Gilbert, sources said, but so far, the response has been silence.

“He has started to lay the groundwork, and he’s waiting to see what Dan Gilbert’s reaction to it is,” one league source with direct knowledge told Yahoo! Sports.

After Friday’s game — which was only the Heat’s third trip to Cleveland since James departed in 2010 — James refuted the report.

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Nets cut ticket prices for Magic game to show Dwight Howard they have fans

It’s no secret the Nets stink (they’re 8-23). It’s also no secret they desperately want Dwight Howard. So with Howard and the Magic making their only trip to New Jersey this season on Wednesday, in what may as well be called “Dwight Howard Night,” the Nets going the extra mile to make sure they impress the soon-to-be free agent center.

On Friday Deadspin uncovered a special ticket offer that the Nets, who are second-to-last in attendance this season, are offering to fans for the game (emphasis is Deadspin’s):

On February 22, your NETS will face off against Dwight Howard and the Orlando Magic. For this one night only the NETS are discounting tickets in the Loud & Proud section to $12! We need YOU there to rock The Rock and give your NETS a true home court advantage!

How to Purchase Tickets:
Tickets are just $12!
Tickets available ONLY at Prudential Center Box Office beginning at 11AM day of game
12 ticket limit
Fans buying tickets must be wearing NETS apparel to show they are loud and proud!
PLUS, the first 2,500 fans to arrive at Prudential Center will receive a free ticket voucher to a future NETS home game.

You have to commend Mikhail Prokhorov’s franchise for having the guts to do something that reeks of desperation as much as this, even if it is technically bribery. What form of corruption is next for Prokhorov, rigging the Russian presidential election in his favor? And yet, if becoming president isn’t enough to impress Howard, nothing is.

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Jeremy Lin describes his ideal girlfriend

Jeremy Lin has reached a level of popularity where he could probably get almost any woman he wants. But for right now, he’s still a single guy still searching for that special someone. Luckily for him, he’s in the treasure trove of beauty that is the Big Apple. So what kind of girl is Lin looking for? He told the New York Post‘s Steve Serby during a Q&A on Friday.

“First she would really love God and be a faithful Christian,” Lin explained. “And then after that, I think, a desire to serve other people, to help with the underprivileged, do a lot of social work . . . great personality and easy to be around. Someone that’s definitely chill, low key, low maintenance.”

Oh. So much for all that talk about gorgeous women in New York.

But this is hardly a surprising answer from Lin. Not only has he been open about his faith, but he’s also one of the most modest stars the NBA has seen in some time. So, of course he’s looking for someone with great character above all else. Attractive significant others can become distractions anyway. Need we look further than Tom Brady or Kris Humphries?

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High school RB Alvin Kamara receives 105 letters from Alabama in one day

Alvin Kamara of Norcross (Ga.) is one of the top junior running backs in the country. So, it’s only customary that he will be receiving phone calls and letters from some of the biggest football programs in the land. But what he says showed up in his mail box one day recently is unprecedented: 105 letters, all from the Alabama Crimson Tide. I wonder if the Tide might be interested in him.

“I was shocked,” Kamara told Rivals.com. “I didn’t expect there to be that many in the mailbox. When I opened it, it was overflowing and some of them fell out.”

Kamara’s 1,500-plus yards rushing for Norcross last season and stellar performance in the Rising Seniors Georgia Junior Bowl in December has made him one of the most prized recruits in his state. A four-star prospect according to Rivals, he’s already received scholarship offers from Alabama, Auburn, Georgia and Clemson, among others.

Whatever school he decides to play for will probably be lucky to have him. But let’s just hope his mom will be on board.

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MSG displays Jeremy Lin fortune cookie image (Picture)

Here’s something MSG probably would like to take back. During Wednesday night’s broadcast of the Knicks’ 100-85 win over the Kings, the network displayed this unfortunate (get it?) image of Jeremy Lin‘s head over a fortune cookie. The image was initially reported as an MSG graphic, but MSG says the image was of a fan’s sign.

The Knicks are now 7-0 since Lin began playing significant minutes. In that time he’s averaged 24.4 points and 9.1 assists, posting a career high in assists (13) Wednesday. He has delivered constantly and revitalized New York’s season.

You would have figured after what’s already happened that MSG would be conscious about not crossing the racism line when it comes to Jeremy Lin. They used poor judgment by displaying the image.

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LeBron James responds to ‘stooge’ Charles Barkley: I’m not shaving my head

The guys on Inside the NBA recently had some fun mocking LeBron James‘ receding hairline. But after the Heat’s 105-90 win Tuesday night over the Pacers, LeBron finally got a chance to respond to all the teasing when he appeared on NBA TV’s Fan Night.

When Ernie Johnson asked LeBron about accepting the inevitable and “coming home” to baldness (by shaving his head), LeBron said, “I’m here, and ‘come on home’ is for Shaq, Kenny and Charles to look at those three bald-head stooges in the studio.”

His defiance is admirable. Go on and milk that hair for as long as you can, LeBron! But if worst comes to worst, we’re sure Carlos Boozer can loan you some spray paint.

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