Epic Reaction to Landon Donovan Goal

Following 91 minutes of the most excruciating yet captivating 0-0 play between Team USA and Algeria, Landon Donovan caused everyone in the United States to spill their Wednesday morning beer with what is being called the most important goal in US soccer history. And what do we sports fans do when national history is made? Film ourselves reacting to the moment and upload it to YouTube, of course. Deadspin assembled a collection of the finest Landon Donavon goal reactions from across our great nation and once you get past how strange it is that some of these people were filming themselves watching a soccer game, putting these clips together side by side actually makes you realize how remarkable it is that every American glued to their television set lost their marbles and went bananas at the exact same glorious moment. I deem this collection of videos from Deadspin significantly more cool than creepy. Here is my personal favorite, complete with soundtrack:

A Children’s Treasury Of Drunk People Screaming About Donovan’s Goal [Deadspin]
Video Credit: YouTube user MatthewBakke

Pam Shriver Crossed Line With James Blake Commentary

James Blake hasn’t exactly performed up to his expectations as of late. The American tennis pro was thoroughly ousted from the first round of Wimbledon on Tuesday following a 6-2, 6-4, 6-4 defeat at the hands of Robin Haase. Adding to Blake’s frustration was an exchange with ESPN commentator Pam Shriver mid-match. The video of the exchange has been removed due to copyright infringement, but luckily for us, Greg Couch of Fanhouse has a transcription of the incident including his personal commentary, starting with Blake’s response to hearing Shriver down on the court:

“Amazing you used to play tennis,” Blake yelled up at her. “I can still hear you.”

And then he went on to the next point. Note, he wasn’t complaining about what she said, only that she was too loud. Up to there, no harm, no foul. Just an accident.

But then Shriver got defensive during the next point.

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Today’s Humor: Vuvuzela Still a Joke

While the sound of the South African 2010 World Cup vuvuzela horns may be muted on your television sets, the humor that resonates from the humming instrument lingers on. Some of these instances are all too real, like the Florida Marlins decision to distribute 15,000 miniature versions as a promotion. Others have opted for the spoof approach—see The Onion’s take on the South African Vuvuzela Philharmonic. And then there is this gem from Sky Sports Network anchor Georgie Thompson, who makes an example of co-anchor Davis Jones by offering a vuvuzela prank the kids will love to test on their friends:

Video Credit: YouTube user WhiteAngloSaxonPerv

Jerry Seinfeld and ‘Pretty Boy’ Hernandez to Reunite in Press Box

Any devoted Seinfeld fan knows that Jerry Seinfeld and Keith Hernandez have a history together. In 1992, the former Mets first baseman and “Game 6” hero guest starred in the classic Seinfeld episode, “The Boyfriend,” playing Jerry’s “man crush” who eventually pursues Elaine. On Wednesday, Seinfeld will join Hernandez and play-by-play announcer Gary Cohen in the broadcast booth as a guest analyst when the Mets face the Detroit Tigers at Citi Field. One can only assume that the reunion will produce entertainment genius equal to the “second spitter” routine.

Well, probably not, but at least Jerry is doing something other than The Marriage Ref. It’s also good to see that these two are still getting along after that love triangle between Keith, Jerry, and Elaine. And hopefully Keith will be able to stay awake for this ballgame.

So while it’s not quite the Seinfeld reunion so many have waited for, if the fans are not satisfied with how the game is called, this will offer followers of both Seinfeld and the Mets a glorious and always welcome opportunity to scream “Nice game, pretty boy!” from the cheap seats.

Seinfeld reunion: Jerry Seinfeld to call game with Keith Hernandez [Game On!]

How Do You Feel About 18 NFL Games?

Not too good, according to Ray Lewis and Tom Brady.

The possibility of expanding the NFL season to 18 games, and the various possible methods of achieving that aim, has been on the NFL radar for quite some time now. Today, the NFL took the issue one step further, bringing it to the table at a meeting between the NFL and the players association negotiating teams. While, according to Green Bay Packers president Mark Murphy, the issue itself was not formally discussed, upcoming negotiations should address the details. Possible reconfigurations including shortening the pre-season by a game, expanding rosters, and changing injured reserved regulations are being listed as possible ways to accommodate teams facing two additional games. Although the NFL clearly favors the additional gridiron action, some players have spoken out against the change. Here’s what Baltimore Raven Ray Lewis had to say in a statement released by the players union:

“I’ve been blessed to play this game for so long, but it’s time to start thinking about what legacy and impact changes like this will leave for the players of tomorrow and us after we retire. I know our fans may not like preseason games and I don’t like all of them, but swapping two preseason games for two end-of-season games—when players already play hurt—comes at a huge cost for the player and the team.”

I would like to be convinced that the NFL is not just looking at this with dollar signs in their eyes, but I can’t really get past the idea that more games means more tickets, commercials, and revenue. While I probably just watch preseason games to satisfy my off-season withdrawal from the NFL, replacing those games with regular season contests will only compromise the quality of play late into the playoffs. It hurts me to shun the possibility of more football, but I have to argue against the extra games. Nevertheless, it should be interesting to see what additional propositions the NFL brings forward regarding the matter and leading into the 2012 season, when this schedule could potentially come into effect.

NFL Brings Expanded Season Proposal to Union [NYT]

World Cup Opens With Blunders

In only three days of action, the 2010 World Cup has provided no shortage of embarrassing, game changing blunders. By now, we are all familiar with English goalkeeper Robert Green, who was affectionately dubbed by The Sunday Times as “Greenfingers” for his slip up on a routine shot that left British soccer fans who drowned the 1-1 tie with the US nursing a worse than usual hang over this morning.

Today’s historic gaffe was provided by Serbian midfield Zdravko Kuzmanovic, who needlessly handed the ball in the 85th minute, resulting in a Ghana penalty kick by Asamoah Gyan to seal the game with a 1-0 victory. The upside to this one, of course, is that it provided the nation of Ghana with the first ever World Cup victory by an African team playing a World Cup match on African soil.

Personally, I enjoy seeing some opening round jitters at the world’s greatest celebration of soccer, and it’s even better when those mishaps result in a little embarrassment for the English national team at the hand of Team USA, as well as a wonderful landmark victory in for Ghana in World Cup history. Maybe it’s just the jabulani ball, but those heartbreaking moments in sports never seem to get old.

Ghana’s Gyan converts penalty kick near end to edge Serbia [ESPN]
US works as a team to draw England [FOXSports]
Photo Credit: AP/Rebecca Blackwell

Adam Burish Calls Pronger an ‘Idiot’

You just won the Stanley Cup on your opponent’s home ice. You: A) Celebrate the accomplishment with your teammates, B) Respectfully congratulate your opponents on a hard fought series, C) Thank your hometown fans for their unconditional love, or D) Pull an Adam Burish and take a cheap shot at Chris Pronger by calling him the “biggest idiot in the league.” Let’s go to the videotape of Adam Burish calling Chris Pronger the “biggest idiot in the league.”

This is a classless, unnecessary move by the Blackhawks winger, who hardly had nearly the impact on the series that Pronger did. For a player who spent the majority of the season inactive due to injury, these are some pretty bold words. Burish and the Blackhawks have every right to be upset with how Pronger carries himself on the ice — the guy is a choppy pest — but sometimes you just have to let it go, take the high road, and not throw a cheap shot at an opponent at the expense of your own dignity. Even with the NHL offseason upon us, I wouldn’t be surprised if Pronger keeps this one in mind the next time he skates past Burish on the ice.

Video – Adam Burish: “Chris Pronger is the biggest idiot in the league.” [ProHockeyTalk]