Shocker: A-Rod voted phoniest MLB player

In a vote that should surprise absolutely nobody, Yankees third baseman Alex Rodriguez was named the phoniest player in MLB.

232 players responded to Sports Illustrated’s survey asking them to name the phoniest player in baseball. These were the results:

    Alex Rodriguez, Yankees 3B 26%

    Nick Swisher, Yankees RF 14%

    Nyjer Morgan, Brewers CF 11%

    Brian Wilson, Giants P 9%

    Brandon Phillips, Reds 2B 5%

According to SI, Swisher, Morgan, Wilson and Phillips were among the top six vote-getters for the distinction of baseball’s most eccentric player. They also note that the bulk of the votes for A-Rod (64%) came from players in the American League, and that most of those (44%) came from his rivals in the AL East.

You may recall that players also voted A-Rod the most overrated player in baseball. I’m starting to get the feeling that Sports Illustrated is just creating questions to pick on the Yankee slugger.

Now if you’re in disbelief and actually wondering why Alex Rodriguez was named the phoniest player in baseball, look no further than this, or this, or this.

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  • 28sketcher

    What’s with Larry Brown and A-Rod ? All this attention to A-Rods life looks like jealousy. I am not an A-Rod fan, I was just wondering

  • propergramma

    Yeah, same here. I’m not a fan, but this is really petty.

  • RallyMonkeyUSA

    Nick Swisher is more worried about looking buff during his swing, than hitting the ball.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_VA6MSL5XEXMJX2SEORWTTGOIJA BarbaraK

    Over rated and phoney covers it all IMO of A-Fraud

  • deacon007

    I don’t like A-Rod for the simple fact that he’s banging Torrie Wilson! Screw him, damnit!