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Saturday, June 23, 2018

Adam Jones has harsh words for fans who run onto field

Adam JonesThe Baltimore Orioles beat the New York Yankees 14-5 in the second game of their series on Tuesday.

During the bottom of the eighth inning, there was a brief delay because two fans entered the field of play from stands on the third base side. After being apprehended by security, the game continued.

Orioles center fielder Adam Jones got a firsthand look at Tuesday’s stunt and has apparently had enough of the on field interruptions.

When speaking after the game, Jones certainly wasn’t guarded with his words on the subject.

“I think it’s idiotic for people to run on the field, and I think the punishment needs to be a lot harsher, and they should let us have a shot to kick them with our metal spikes on because it’s stupid,” Jones said via the Baltimore Sun. “You look like an [idiot] when you run on the field.”

“I remember a couple of years ago, one dude broke his ankle in Baltimore. I was laughing at him. I wish he shattered his femur because it’s stupid. It’s just plain old stupid. Anybody who does it, I wish the cops tase the [hell] out of them. I wish that.”

Tell us how you really feel, Adam.

Players often times will give the politically correct sound bite when speaking with the media. Other times we get moments like these, and they’re absolutely great.

Obviously, when a person who isn’t permitted on the field makes their way there a safety issue arises for the players and umpires/referees. That doesn’t necessarily have to be the case for the intruder, as we saw during MLB’s All-Star Game in 2013.

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