Albert Belle, the once feared slugger, has gotten fat in retirement (Pictures)

See kids, this is what happens when you get all jacked up in your prime and then stop exercising. Fortunately for Albert Belle, he retired before things really got out of hand with steroid testing. We’re not saying the former Indians slugger took anything he shouldn’t have, but it certainly can’t be ruled out given his size and the time period in which he played. As you can see from the comparison above and the photo below that shows Belle reuniting with the Indians, retired Albert is has a bit more body fat than baseball Albert did.

Sometimes it’s just tough to get back on that treadmill when your glory days are behind you. Don’t worry, Albert. You’re certainly not in a class of your own.

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Photo Credit: Jae C. Hong/AP Photo

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  • Anonymous

    What does getting fat in retirement have to do with steroids?  Roids build muscle, which simply atrophy and get smaller when no longer trained.  Hence, Barry Bonds.  Getting fat is due to Albert not being able to put the fork down now that he isn’t exercising.  Not saying he didn’t use steroids btw.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_MFVMA2CW4DLN6XFWVN5BEKFUR4 rza west

    worst site for anything concerning baseball. so far off in their knowledge everything comes off amateurish