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Friday, April 20, 2018

Alex Rodriguez reportedly will not accept 50-game suspension like other players

Joel-Sherman-Wants-Us-to-Leave-Alex-Rodriguez-AloneMore than a dozen players are still expected to be suspended for their involvement with Tony Bosch’s Biogenesis clinic, including Alex Rodriguez. Most of the players will like be handed 50-game suspensions as first-time offenders. However, A-Rod may be prepared to fight ’till the finish.

According to Jeff Passan of Yahoo! Sports, several players are expected to accept their punishment within the next 72 hours. Despite the fact that it is believed MLB investigators have far more evidence against Rodriguez than they had against Braun and other players, A-Rod is expected to appeal the decision so he can play for the New York Yankees this season.

Earlier on Tuesday, a report surfaced indicating MLB commissioner Bud Selig could try to ban A-Rod from baseball for life by invoking a clause in the collective bargaining agreement which would allow him to personally hear any appeal that Rodriguez might file. Passan referred to that threat as a “game of chicken,” with MLB hoping A-Rod decides to accept his punishment like other players plan to.

While first-time PED offenders are supposed to receive a 50-game suspension, the league is able to pursue longer suspensions for players like Rodriguez who allegedly interfered with their investigation and may have even lied. According to Passan, Selig’s supposed idea of trying to block A-Rod from an appeal has irritated the MLB Players Association. The MLBPA has cooperated with the league’s pursuit of suspensions, and Selig could start a major feud by pulling the “integrity of the game” card.

Why would Rodriguez want to file an appeal that he is almost certain to lose? One theory is that he could be looking to return to the Yankees, then claim he is unable to continue his career because of lingering injuries. That would give him a shot at collecting the roughly $100 he has remaining on his contract before a suspension ever becomes official. At this point, the only outcome that would be surprising is if A-Rod’s name was mysteriously dropped from the discussion.

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