Andy Pettitte Knew from McNamee That Clemens Was Using Steroids

It wasn’t referred to at all in the affidavit. Nor was it mentioned in written or spoken reports throughout the coverage of this McNamee/Clemens mess. But like I told you before, I braved through Pettitte’s entire deposition so you don’t have to (because after all, I’m really looking out for you). And upon reading through the deposition, I came to find out for the first time that in addition to knowing Clemens used HGH, Andy Pettitte also knew that Roger Clemens allegedly used steroids. From the deposition:

Q: I’ll ask it again. Did you ever discuss Clemens’ steroids use with Brian McNamee?

A: Yes. … We were training in my gym. And I can just remember, you know, Mac telling me that Roger, you know, that he had gotten steroids for Roger.

Now I can understand why this was left out of the affidavit — this only is Pettitte finding out through a secondary source — McNamee. So once again this puts it into McNamee’s word and credibility. But still, I can’t believe that out of all the reports and investigating going on, that nobody has mentioned that Pettitte knew of Clemens’ alleged steroids use, in addition to his alleged HGH use. It really should have been in the affidavit that McNamee told Pettitte of Clemens’ alleged steroids use as well, now that I think about it. So there you go, as you’re probably hearing for the first time right here, Pettitte also knew of Roger’s alleged steroids use.

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  • http://barryrobinsonjr.blogspot.com barry robinson

    your another example of America always over looking the bigger picture.

  • SpinMax

    Another misrememberence

  • http://guttylittlebruins.com Blackjack

    me: “Hey Dude”
    Larry: “brb.”

    4 hours later

    Larry: “Hey.”
    me: “Dude, where the hell did you go?”
    Larry: “I just read Andy’s Pettite’s 120 page deposition.”
    me: “You, my friend, are a soldier.”

  • http://sports.aol.com/fanhouse/bloggers/stephanie-stradley/ Stephanie Stradley

    There’s tons of stuff in all the depositions (not in the affidavits) that the MSM didn’t really report because they weren’t in the hearings such as:

    1. McNamee telling Pettitte about the steroids.

    2. Pettitte lying at first about the second time he tried HGH.

    3. Pettitte saying that he might have misunderstood Clemens about the HGH conversation.

    I think that the McNamee discussion of Clemens wasn’t included in the affidavit because:

    1. It was second hand knowledge.

    2. It was made during a time that McNamee was angry at Clemens for wanting to be paid to endorse a product. Even after McNamee had previously said that you need to be discreet talking about these sorts of things.

    I don’t think we will ever find out the God’s-eye truth of this situation. We will hear versions of truth, lies, and everything in between.

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