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Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Angels’ contract for Mike Trout reportedly 7 years for $150 million, not 6 years

Mike Trout AngelsThe LA Angels were heavily criticized when news first emerged that they were discussing a contract extension with Mike Trout. Now it’s looking like that criticism might be misguided.

Yahoo! Sports’ Jeff Passan reported Sunday that the Angels and Trout were talking about a six-year, $150 million extension. That contract would cover this season — Trout’s third with the team and one where the Angels would still be able to name his pay; three arbitration years; and two free agency years. Players make increasingly more in each arbitration-eligible season, but they still earn less than they would in free agency.

Say the Angels paid Trout $1 million this season, they could probably pay him around $60 million over this three arbitration years and $70 million over his two free agency years. All those figures look generous now, and that still leaves an additional $20 million to hand out at some point. That’s why people thought the Angels were making a bad deal.

But here’s the thing: the $150 million might be over seven years and would cover three of Trout’s free agency seasons. That’s what FOX’s Ken Rosenthal says. He also provided this breakdown of what the Angels would like to have for Trout’s extension:

Now that makes a lot more sense. If the Angels are able to lock up three of Trout’s free agency years and spend $160 million to do it, that wouldn’t be a bad deal for them at all.

Based on how ticked off Trout’s camp seemed to be over the Angels low-balling him with his 2013 team-designated salary, not to mention some of Trout’s free agency comments, just getting him to sign an extension would seem like a victory.

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