Barry Bonds thinks he should be in Hall of Fame ‘without a doubt’

Barry BondsBarry Bonds showed up at San Francisco Giants spring training camp on Monday and he was looking incredibly skinny.

Bonds will be serving as a hitting instructor for a week, and he answered some questions from the media as part of his arrival. One of the subjects that came up was the Hall of Fame. Bonds has received fewer than 37 percent of the vote each of the two years he has been on the ballot. He believes that’s some b.s.

According to the San Francisco Chronicle, Bonds had a firm response when asked if he should be in Cooperstown.

“Without a doubt,” he said.

I couldn’t stand Bonds when he played and really dislike guys who cheated the game, but I couldn’t agree with him more. How can you have a Hall of Fame that omits one of the greatest hitters of all time? It’s so silly and makes little sense. It makes even less sense when you realize that there are already steroids users in the Hall of Fame, which is what both Jose Canseco and Jack McDowell have already said.

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  • Bii

    To hell with this cheating POS. Barry Ego will not make it. Ask any teammate he’s had and they will tell you the same.

  • SouthernMaster

    Yes, Mr. Brown. That pesky integrity factor keeps getting in the way. It’s obvious you’re running a little low on it too.

  • JayJayJo

    It’s silly and makes little sense? Yeah, kinda like this article. Go ahead and throw them all in the Hall, they deserve it because others cheated. Let’s also give everyone a Pulitzer for plagiarism…Larry Brown come on down!

  • Douglas Bloomdahl

    He skinny because he is off steroids now. If he makes it to the baseball hall of fame it will no longer have any value.

  • tunaman13212

    What a joke big cheater wants to be in the hall of fame.He looks skinny now because he’s off steroids no need to cheat now steroids won’t get him in the hall of fame.BIG LOSER

  • FeatherRiverDan

    right after Pete Rose

  • Larry Ottinger

    Ya right , and I should be in the hall of Fame , too, Barry!!. If you get in the hall of fame, then Canseco and all the rest of the PED users should be in. And what makes you think that will happen , Barry!!

  • Steve

    Without a doubt he cheated, he cheated the fans, he cheated himself and cheated the game. I say No way in hell he deserves to be in Cooperstown. Wonder why he is so skinny now? Has his head shrunk yet? His ego is pathetic and writers that feel he should be in the HOF are a joke and have no respect for the game.