Barry Bonds to Play Ball in Japan?

You always knew there was a possibility, as remote as it may seem. With nobody paging Jeff Borris to inquire about Baroid this off-season, the agent threw it out there that his unemployed client could be headed to the Far East to play ball in Japan. I’m sure it was meant more as a joke than a threat, but nevertheless, the idea is quite humorous.

“He’s not retiring,” Bonds’ agent, Jeff Borris, told Metro yesterday. “He intends to play somewhere. If a door doesn’t open for Barry in the major leagues, as unbelievable as that possibility sounds, then Japan certainly is an option.”

It’s amazing how hard they’re trying to find Bonds some work. Just this week a story hit the wire reminding folks that Barry’s services were still available. As suggested in the article, it’s quite possible that Bonds is being blackballed from the game. Whether it’s unspoken and subtly insinuated by Bud Selig is unclear, but we do know that it’s already Spring Training and Bonds does not have a job. Japan? I would die to see it. And let’s not forget that Barry actually does have a job offer on the table.

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  • Gene

    I hope he plays baseball about halfway between Japan and the continental USA.

  • Jeff

    That will be great. Now he can have an asterisk next to his name in the Japanese record books as well.

  • http://yahoo ralph

    wow, what a bunch of bitter small people you are. personally i just assumed all athletes were on steroids and really could care less. and second of all its just a stupid game, its not important, get over it you morons!!! find something real to get upset about, not weather or not bonds did steroids!!!

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