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Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Biogenesis has some hilarious Yelp reviews

Tony BoschTony Bosch’s Biogenesis anti-aging clinic may have a horrendous reputation among Major League Baseball executives and fans, but it has some fantastic reviews online. A number of folks who claim to have gone to Bosch’s clinic for treatment have recently taken to the popular review website Yelp and shared their experiences.

Before we create confusion, this is obviously a joke. I happen to think it’s a very funny one. Biogenesis has received an average of 4.5 stars, and from the sound of it, they have been able to help people overcome some serious struggles.

When my friend Alex from New York told me of some great results he’s had, I new I had to go see Tony and the fellas at Biogenesis. ┬áBest decision I ever made!

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Bosch has helped high schoolers:

I was having a sophomore slump on my high school baseball team . So halfway through the season , I had enough of it . I went here & the employees were very helpful . They gave me some stuff that guaranteed to improve my batting average . Halfway through the season I batted .182 and after this I ended up hitting .465 & being selected to the all county team ! Thanks Biogenesis of America . I hope to make to the pros one day .

And he has even revived the career of a senior citizen:

At 64 years old, I thought my baseball days were well behind me but thanks to the “weight loss” products I got from the guys down at Biogenesis, I’m a bulked up power hitter. Coincidentally, the NY Yankees just found an extra $27,000,000 in their salary budget. Wish me luck, baby, I’m Bronx bound!

Now that we see how much Bosch means to so many people, we understand why more than a dozen MLB players were inclined to pay him a visit (or several). Alex Rodriguez isn’t a bad guy, he just used Yelp like the rest of us would use it to find the best local seafood.

H/T Jesse Spector via Eye on Baseball

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