Astros manager Bo Porter says his players were disrespectful to Roger Clemens

roger-clemens-skeetersThe Houston Astros should take all the advice they can get. They have not won more than 56 games in a season since 2010, and their record has gotten more embarrassing each year since. Last season, Houston won just 51 games. Given their resume, the players would be wise to listen when people like Roger Clemens speak.

Clemens is a special advisor to the Astros. He met with the team for a short period on Wednesday, and Houston manager Bo Porter was unhappy with the “disrespectful” manner in which his players carried themselves.

“Obviously, as an organization, we’re fortunate to have some people like Roger Clemens and Craig Biggio and different people that will come in throughout the course of the year and speak to our ball club,” Porter told the Houston Chronicle. “Out of respect to your teammates, out of respect to the people that take time out of their day that come out here, it’s the right thing to do to make sure that you are dressed and ready and attentive when that person shows up.”

A 51-111 team (that’s a .315 winning percentage, math people) should be particularly attentive. The Astros are the laughing stock of Major League Baseball. Is listening to Clemens going to make them a playoff team? Not quite, but it can’t hurt — especially for pitchers and catchers.

By going public with his frustrations, Porter is obviously setting the tone in his first season with the club.

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  • prisonerno6

    Roger was disrespectful to the Game of Baseball and now Bo expects his players to be respectful of Roger? If I were the owner I would fire Bo on the spot for one, bringing in Roger and two, making such an idiotic statement.

  • Jack Milliken

    Who respects a cheater?

  • secondrowbob

    The Marlins are the laughingstock of baseball; the Astros are just laughable.

  • off the bench (offthebenchball

    ummmmm this isn’t Porter’s first season with the Astros. He managed them last year too

  • Victor Jarvis

    At least The Marlins have won a couple of World Series in the past.

  • Tumblindice58

    You know thats exactly what I was thinking,When Clemens had the unmitigated gall to hire Rusty Hardin and go to Capital Hill and Lie under oath I lost any respect I might of had left in the tank for him,Its one thing to dope and America is aware of it,But to just try and throw money at it and make it go away,Thats a political thing where they think if they throw money at it or say something long enough it will stick!The Astros have a long way to go,Nolan Ryan should step in and take control soon!

  • Tumblindice58

    Yah but Clemens montra shouldnt be absorbed by the stros,The one that states If you aint cheatin You aint trying!

  • Tumblindice58

    That should tell everybody just how sad the club really is,32 teams and they seemingly operate invisible to the sports world,4th largest city in the nation and this is the best we can do,Damn thats a sad state of affairs!

  • Oswald Cobblepott

    I played baseball during the height of the steroid era and I fell the same way, boo Clemens, boo Bonds, and the rest of the needle junkies

  • soopurelative

    I am not from here. I happened upon this blog post while researching MLB contracts and saw the Clemens headline. As I was reading the article, I was a little taken aback by not only the writer, but also the Manager’s insistence on being respectful of Roger. I thought for sure the comments here (in Roger’s territory, so to speak) would be supportive of the article and the Manager. I was glad to see comments that take issue with what Clemens did to the game. Even though he played here for a few years and was a crowd favorite, it is nice to hear comments that are not part of the deniers and apologizers that we come across so often. In my opinion he and Bonds and the whole lot of cheaters should have to forfeit any awards they received or records broken, no matter what part of their career they started using. (it shouldn’t be up to MLB to determine when they started using, it should be up to the player not to cheat) Or at least have an asterisk next to their name in the MLB annals for future generations to see! I know that sounds harsh and a lot of fans disagree, but I have no tolerance for cheating in sports. It’s hard enough for the guys who aren’t cheating to compete. Throw in an unfair, unnatural and unnecessary advantage and in some cases it is impossible for the non cheaters to compete. Not to mention other guys who may have taken a lower salary or who were quite possibly sent down or never made the roster due to these guys and their hybrid-like performances and extended careers. Thanks guys. Thanks for restoring my faith that there are still fans out there who put the game above the player, no matter the stature of the player at issue…

  • Bert Steinmann

    The Federal Government spent over $120,000,000 trying to prove he cheated and disrespected baseball and came up short. Clemens hires a trial attorney and we hold it against him. Really?

    And as to an unfair advantage, when in his career did this advantage kick in? His records and stats are fairly consistent. Somewhere, somehow, he became and stayed one of the most dominant pitchers of all time and I would think the worst pitching squad in Baseball for the last few years could be professionals and listen.

    I am not a diehard Clemens fan. I am a lawyer by trade and if they can’t beat you with over one hundred and twenty million dollars and over 10,000 man hours, I think you have to be innocent or at least, not guilty.