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Monday, May 21, 2018

So That’s Where Brian Giles’ Power Stroke Went …

Brian Giles is pretty well-known for his odd sense of humor and penchant for being naked. And when he’s not out tanning himself, waxing himself, or cavorting around the clubhouse in his skivvies, he’s a pretty good player. At least he was before getting traded to San Diego. In the four years prior to being dealt for Jason Bay and Oliver Perez, Giles averaged 37 home runs a season. Since becoming a Padre, his power numbers have dropped steadily to the point where he’s lucky if he cracks 15 home runs. So where did all that power go? Either the dude was roiding up, or he was wasting it all off the field battering his woman (possibly out of roid rage?):

Giles had a lawsuit filed against him by an ex-girlfriend claiming she was battered and abused by Giles, to the point that she had a miscarriage. Unless that’s just generic footage, it looks like she has a pretty strong case. Maybe if that jerk were trying to do his hitting on the field he wouldn’t have screwed my fantasy team in ’04 as badly as he did. Makes you wonder if this is only coming out now because he’s no longer an All-Star …

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