Bryce Harper wants Phillies fans to boo him but not throw batteries at him

Bryce Harper may only be 19 years old, but it sounds like he has a decent grasp of baseball history. With the Nationals visiting the Phillies on Monday for a three-game series, Harper knows the fans will probably give him much less than a warm welcome. He really didn’t do anything to them besides take a pitch off the backside from Cole Hamels for no reason, but they are sure to let him hear it anyway. The rookie phenom says he is perfectly fine with the boos — he’s just hoping to avoid having batteries chucked his way at Citizen’s Bank Park.

“Hopefully, I get a couple of boos,” Harper said Sunday according to the Philadelphia Daily News. “That would be awesome. I’m excited to get in there and play and hopefully they won’t throw any batteries or whatnot at me. We’ll see.”

As you may know, fans in Philadelphia have a reputation for doing various inappropriate things including but not limited to throwing beer at opponents buses, booing videos about cancer, and throwing batteries at their own and opposing players. Only time will tell what they could have in store for the cocky new superstar from D.C.

Photo credit: Brad Mills-US PRESSWIRE

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  • http://larrybrownsports.com Larry Brown

    I think they’ll come up with something better specially for Harper

  • Ryan Subers

    This is another poorly researched article where the media is bagging on Philly fans. The booing videos about cancer is complete crap. Sidney Crosby appeared on the screen and the fans booed, after cancer was mentioned in the video is stopped. As to the battery thing yes, they threw batteries at JD Drew because they were pissed that their very high first round pick simply just didn’t sign essentially wasting the pick. Was it right. absolutely not, but the article makes it seem like they did it to some rival player. As to the beer at buses thing, I have never even heard of that and every teams fan boos the opposing teams bus. Why don’t you bring up Green Bay whose fans moon the buses.

  • Anonymous

    Why would we bring up Green Bay in a post about Phillies fans? Other fan bases certainly do the stuff you mentioned, but Philly fans have been notoriously over the top with certain things.

  • Jeff Gross

    you forgot to mention that we booed Santa, hung Jesus on a cross, and kill fans in parking lots (oh, sorry, that’s Dodger fans)

  • Ryan Subers

    No, Philly fans have been notoriously regarded in this manner by the media. The fans in California are notoriously worst, yet the Philly fans get the bad rep. Or how about the 8 shot in OKC? Want to bring up the booing of Irving? Another misconception like the Crosby one where the fans were booing Irvings team Deion Sanders who was taunting the fans while his teammate lay motionless, but that is ever mentioned by the media like you huh.