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Monday, May 21, 2018

Carlos Zambrano Injures Neck Watching Late-Night TV

If I were to tell you Carlos Zambrano suffered a non-baseball injury, you would probably think he did something stupid. Maybe you’d figure he got into a fight or punched a wall because he got a question wrong in a game of trivia.  Baseball fans are very aware of Zambrano’s anger management issues, even if he claims to have gotten them under control.  However, his latest injury — a stiff neck — actually sprung up while Carlos was relaxing, if you can believe that.

As we know, weird injuries are a part of professional sports no matter how frustrating they may be.  Guys like Alcides Escobar miss spring training because of bug bites while others like Scott Downs get hurt playing with their kids.  The Shawn Marions of the world even manage to hurt themselves walking into a glass door.  According to the Chicago Tribune via Ben Maller, Zambrano has been battling a stiff neck as a result of his poor posture while watching late-night television.

“I watch TV with my head on the pillow and the chiropractor told me to sit on my back and not my shoulder,” Zambrano said. “I have a little knot. With treatment it will go away. Sometimes it doesn’t bother me. It’s nothing to worry about.”

Fortunately, Big Z will not miss a start for the Cubs.  Not only do they need his arm, but his bat has been helping the team as of late.  Zambrano picked up a win for Chicago on Thursday and recorded three hits.  My advice to the (former?) hot head: less Jimmy Kimmel and a few more z’s.

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