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Monday, April 23, 2018

News of David Murphy signing with Indians was leaked by his daughter to her daycare teachers

David Murphy pitchingThe news that free agent outfielder David Murphy is signing with the Cleveland Indians is boring. The story of how news of Murphy signing with the Indians was broken is much cooler.

It turns out that the initial word of the signing was leaked by Murphy’s daughter to her daycare teachers, ended up on Twitter, and from there was passed around until professional reporters confirmed the news.

The first tweet about the news may have come from Matt McClelland, a self-proclaimed Texas Rangers fan, on Tuesday afternoon:

McClelland may work at the daycare where Murphy’s daughter goes, because he was cited as blogger/writer Jamie Kelly’s source. Kelly is the one who kicked the rumor into high gear with this series of tweets throughout the afternoon/evening.

At first she was cautious with her reporting:

As the pressure mounted, Kelly offered more information:

Someone then looped FOX MLB reporter Ken Rosenthal in on the Twitter discussion, and he said he would check into the rumor and credit Kelly if it turned out to be accurate.

A little later in the evening, Evan Grant of the Dallas Morning News reported that Murphy was signing a two-year deal with the Indians:

Shortly thereafter, Rosenthal confirmed news of the signing, giving credit to Kelly and the daycare tip:

Rosenthal also added in this detail about Cleveland’s plans for Murphy, if that matters to you:

And you thought all news of transactions was leaked by player agents/associates or team employees huh? Sometimes just a tip from a kid at daycare is all it takes.

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