Derek Jeter goes out of his way to give adorable fan a ball, struggles with woman (Video)

Derek Jeter went out of his way to ensure that the proper fan got a ball from him on Thursday, and he literally had to battle an adult fan just to do it.

Jeter began directing the fan and trying to point, but there were so many fans in the area clamoring for a ball from him that it was a struggle. He ended up walking all the way up to the stands and nearly had to slap an adult woman’s hand out of the way to finally get the ball to the adorable young fan he wanted to receive the souvenir.

I don’t know how much I blame the woman. Maybe she’s a huge Jeter fan and was dying from a souvenir from him, so props to Jeter for going out of his way to make sure the right person got the ball. But dang, I didn’t realize people that age got so desperate! Maybe it’s a Houston thing. And it probably would have helped if she weren’t wearing an Astros shirt.

Derek Jeter ball Yankees fan

H/T @JimmyTraina

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  • Lovable Jerk

    Classy move by Jerter. As for the woman, grow up. Stop being selfish.

  • SpaMan

    Woman had an Astros shirt on. Little girl was wearing a shirt with Jeters name on it . Woman would have sold it. Little girl will keep it forever. Good call, Derek Jeter !

  • Daemori

    As much as I would rather sell one of my children on eBay than cheer for Jeter and the Yankees, that was a nice move by Mr. Jeter.