Derek Jeter gets sweet Nike tribute commercial (Video)

Nike has released a new Derek Jeter commercial leading up to the New York Yankees captain’s final MLB All-Star Game, and it’s a good one. The ad spot, which features a number of athletes and celebrities from Jay-Z and Billy Crystal to Michael Jordan and Tiger Woods, is centered around the theme of “respect.”

Everyone from reluctant Red Sox fans to New York Mets players with their faces blurred out can’t help but tip their caps to Jeter:


That’s pretty much how it has been all year as he makes his final tour around the league.

Has the whole Jeter retirement tour been even more over the top than Mariano Rivera’s was last year? Sure, but no one deserves it more than No. 2. He’s one of the best players to ever live and has conducted himself with class.

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Video via For the Win

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  • Arsen Dadyan

    Mariano wanted to actually celebrate the everyday people behind the scenes in the organizations because he’s a humble guy, but the MLB wanted to milk it as much as possible and tried to capitalize on it just to make a few more $ for themselves. Jeter deserves this retirement tour and I don’t think that it’s actually gone over the top, as of now. Unless MLB will ruin it in the 2nd half of the season. Jeter is the last connection of players to the great Yankees from the last dynasty to win in NY. Everybody would have wanted Jeter playing for their team when he was in his prime, those who say otherwise are fools and just haters!!