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Tuesday, January 23, 2018

The Detroit Tigers wore Zubaz pants bought by Joba Chamberlain


If you’ve ever wanted to see Victor Martinez, Joba Chamberlain, Bryan Holaday, Rajai Davis, and Torii Hunter in Zubaz pants, you can thank Chamberlain for the above picture.

The former Yankees pitcher bought some of the pants regularly seen during the early ’90s for his teammates and you can see why they’re best left in the ’90s.

There are a few things to take note of in the picture, like Martinez’s hat and the matching headbands Holaday and Davis are sporting. Torii Hunter looks extremely enthused to be wearing the Zubaz pants and Victor Martinez has a look on his face like he’s wondering how he got talked into it. Meanwhile, Chamberlain dares you to tell him this wasn’t a good idea.

Then there’s the photobomb by Joe Nathan, which is pretty great.

And because one photo isn’t enough, here’s another.

Photo via Twitter/Joba_44

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