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Thursday, June 21, 2018

Elvis Andrus will do anything possible to protect on hit and run (GIF)

Don’t you ever accuse Elvis Andrus of not being a team player. And don’t you ever accuse him of missing signs. Because, my goodness, that guy goes all out when the hit and run is on.

Andrus was up in the ninth inning of Monday’s win over the Oakland A’s with nobody out and a man on first. The Rangers had a hit and run on, and the A’s knew it was coming so they did a pitch out. But that didn’t stop Andrus from doing his job of trying to protect his runner by attempting to make contact, so he swung at the pitch. And the pitch was so far out of the zone he literally got airborne for it:

Elvis Andrus swing

Give that man an A for effort on that one. Andrus ended up grounding out on the at-bat, but we’re sure the baseball gods paid attention to his attempt on that play. They’ll make it up to him.

Forearm bash to Eye on Baseball, GIF via Drew Sheppard

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