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Thursday, April 26, 2018

Mariners fan catches foul ball in beer cup, chugs the beer (Video)

Fan-catches-foul-ball-in-beerThat didn’t take long. The 2013 MLB season is less than two weeks young, but fans have already started doing some pretty amazing things. No, we’re not talking about that guy who rushed the field in Toronto and slid into second base. Instead, Wednesday brought us a dude catching a foul ball in his beer cup and pounding the beer.

Unheard of? Hardly. In fact, this has pretty much become an annual tradition across baseball. Last year, we saw a Padres fan do the exact same thing, albeit with a larger beer cup. The difference here is that the Mariners fan seemed a bit more reckless, opting to pretty much wear half of the foamy beer on what looked like a chilly night in Seattle.

We call that commitment. He knew he was going to make it onto the highlight reel. Might as well go all out.

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