Golf Club Put up as Foul Pole in Petco Park

Sponsoring your foul pole with a golf club? That my friends is called genius marketing. The San Diego Padres are breaking some ground at Petco Park by attaching a replica 88-foot TaylorMade driver to their foul pole in right field. The club is a replica of TaylorMade’s R11 driver that debuted in January and it features a white club face as you can see in the picture courtesy of the San Diego Union-Tribune.

As part of the cross-promotional efforts between the two organizations, Natalie Gulbis will throw out the first pitch at Thursday’s Padres game and manager Bud Black will take a trip to TaylorMade headquarters.

My only question is if they can erect an 88-foot club on the poll, why can’t they re-name it and make it the “fair pole” since any ball that hits it is actually fair? Just a question between friends. Hey, I have another suggestion for TaylorMade. While they’re at it, can they fix this problem in Fenway Park?

Here’s a video of the pole being made:

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  • http://www.fanattic.net Kris Hughes

    Seems odd that the MLB would allow part of the pole to actually lie in fair territory. Oh well, advertising money is more important than the rules anyway.