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Saturday, April 21, 2018

Hanley Ramirez’s Effort in Question Again

Last year it was Hanley Ramirez’s effort being questioned by teammate Dan Uggla in September because Hanley left a game with a hamstring injury. On Monday night, Hanley’s effort was questioned by manager Fredi Gonzalez who yanked Ramirez from the game. Hanley hammered a ball off his shin in the first inning, giving him a bruise and making him slower down the line when he grounded into a double play later in the at-bat. He still stayed in the game but was removed after his blunder and lack of effort in the top of the 2nd.

A bloop single by Tony Abreu dropped in shallow left and Ramirez accidentally kicked it down the left field line. Instead of hustling after the booted ball, Ramirez took his sweet time getting to it, allowing two runs to score and Abreu to reach third. The shin injury didn’t prevent Hanley from going after the pop up so there was no reason (other than embarrassment) why Ramirez shouldn’t have gone after the ball with his normal speed. Gonzalez confirmed that Hanley was removed for a lack of effort:

“There are 24 guys out there that are busting their butts. Cody Ross got hit with a ball, 95 miles per hour. It wasn’t thrown any slower. He stayed in the game making diving plays and battling, got two hits and an RBI. There’s some injuries there [with Ramirez]. But we expect an effort from 25 guys on this team and when that doesn’t happen we have to do something.”

“You guys call him the marquee guy. I got 25 guys that are all wearing the same uniform wearing all the same Marlins insignia in the front and I think its disappointing if anybody did it. Not just one guy.”

Anyone who supports team play over individualism will appreciate Fredi’s last comment. Hanley is their marquee player but that doesn’t mean he’s above playing hard; no player should take it easy. Look Hanley, I know what it’s like to commit an embarrassing error and feel like all eyes are on you as you just bleeped up; it’s not too dissimilar from the walk of shame. Nobody’s proud of their situation when they screw up in public but you suck it up and realize the embarrassment will be over shortly.

Florida Marlins’ Hanley Ramirez benched in loss to D’backs [Miami Herald]

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