Hanley Ramirez puts snake in Juan Uribe’s shoe (Video)

UribeThe Los Angeles Dodgers love messing with each other more than any other team in baseball, but Hanley Ramirez may have crossed the line on Saturday. How? By putting a snake in Juan Uribe’s shoe.

We’re not sure if it was a real snake or not, but it definitely scared the crap out of Uribe. Ramirez posted the video you see above on Instagram with a caption written in Spanish that basically translates to “I put a snake in (Juan Uribe’s) shoe,” according to Google translator.

Whether it’s turning their teammate into a real-life bobblehead or playing a tiny guitar in the clubhouse for spare change, the Dodgers always seem to be having a great time. Unless it was a rubber snake, Hanley may have sparked an all-out war.

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