Jackie Autry calls Delmon Young a ‘class act,’ needs a history lesson

Jackie Autry is the widow of Angels founder Gene Autry, and she serves as an honorary American League president. Part of her role as the honorary president was to present trophies during the post-ALCS ceremony at Comerica Park after the Detroit Tigers won the pennant. She did that on Thursday, and included some questionable phrasing when presenting outfielder/DH Delmon Young with the MVP trophy.

“There is no question in my mind that Detroit is a class act and a class club. The man that is winning the MVP award this year is also a class act, and that’s Delmon Young,” she said (video here).

Whoo boy, guess Mrs. Autry could use a history lesson.

The same guy she calls a “class act” was arrested in April for a fight with some people in which he made several anti-Semitic remarks. He later apologized for the incident.

This “class act” also went on an expletive-filled rant in 2007 after being benched by the Rays for not hustling. And this same “class act” infamously threw a bat at an umpire while in the minor leagues in 2006:

Throwing a bat at an umpire is about as classless as it gets. Maybe Mrs. Autry should do some research before just throwing around that sort of praise.

Young did go 6-for-17 (.353) with two home runs, a double and six RBIs during the series, so he did deserve the award.

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  • SpinMax

    The past is the past. Delmon has changed his ways

  • http://larrybrownsports.com Larry Brown

    Ha, in five months? Gimme a break, Spin. Hope you were just joking

  • SpinMax

     all that matters is winning

  • BadNewsBrown

    Christopher Columbus was a Terrorist worst than Bin Laden and Saddam combined also 1 of the 1st to enslave people in the new world…the same people whom saved him and his crew from shipwreck….smh…unfortunately for him Queen Isabella declared the new world off-limits to slavery until the gold started rolling in……BUT yet we still celebrate Columbus day!!!! And view him as a great man lol….