Jacoby Ellsbury jersey burning begins after he signs with Yankees (Video)

Jacoby-Ellsbury-jersey-burnJacoby Ellsbury signed with the New York Yankees on Tuesday. Considering Ellsbury is 30 years old and was seeking more money than Carl Crawford got a few years back, very few are surprised that the Evil Empire has given him seven years and $153 million. That does not mean Boston Red Sox fans aren’t upset to see their former center fielder sleeping with the enemy.

As expected, the Ellsbury jersey burning has already commenced. In addition to the fan who ceremoniously torched Ellsbury’s shirt while bagpipes played in the background, there was also this guy. He was a bit less graceful:

Once again, we have an example of a player who signed with the highest bidder. And with that, we will have a countless number of fans pretending they would not have done the same. Hey, at least Ellsbury was beloved while in Boston. It’s much worse to have your jersey burned by fans of the team you still play for.

H/T Eye on Baseball

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  • drwheelock

    Seattle fan here. Jacoby has been part of 3 different World Series Wins this past decade taking the Babe Ruth curse away from BoSox Nation. Winning teams change every year and adapt to change and BoSox have been one of the most successful franchises this past decade.

    Yes I am a Yankees hater too, with a passion, but BoSox nation should be thankful for the contribution that Jacoby has given to BoSox to assist in bringing those WS titles to Boston! Boston had the benefit of Jacoby through his PRIME years at a great price. Ichiro was great for Seattle and will be a Hall of Fame player for us, but even the greatest players eventually fall off in their numbers by mid-late 30’s.

    Now if Seattle can just step up and take Cano from the Yankees. Seattle needs to start putting money up and investing in their team now that their stadium is paid off (1/2 by taxpayers), and they have more financial resources this year than any MLB team and money available.