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Friday, May 25, 2018

Jayson Werth uses trick slide to grab sweet stolen base (Video)

Jayson Werth dug into his bag of trucks to snag a stolen base that left everybody impressed during Wednesday’s Washington Nationals-Houston Astros game.

The Nats were up 1-0 with one out in the third when Werth tried to steal second. It’s unclear whether he popped up after realizing he undershot his slide, or whether he thought he was dead meat and needed to improvise, but his quick moves helped him snag the bag.

Jayson Werth slide

Not only was that stolen base awesome to watch, but it led to a run. Werth scored a batter later on an Ian Desmond RBI single.

Luckily for us, Werth gave us a name for his slide/nifty move:

GIF: Jayson Werth's matrix-esque stop slide, slow motion... on Twitpic

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