Jimmy Rollins on trade rumors: ‘I can’t be traded, it doesn’t matter’

jimmy-rollins2Jimmy Rollins and the Philadelphia Phillies are having problems. The 35-year-old veteran is not off to a great start with manager Ryne Sandberg, and their issues went public when Sandberg benched him for a stretch of games last week. Now, there has been speculation that the Phillies could be looking to trade Rollins.

What does Jimmy think of all that? Considering he has played at least 10 seasons in the Major Leagues and has five seasons with his current team, Rollins automatically gets a no-trade clause. So, basically, he doesn’t care what the team wants.

“I can’t be traded,” Rollins told MLB.com’s Todd Zolecki. “It doesn’t matter. I don’t care which way it is tried to be twisted or said, or if it is exactly how it was said, or even if it was said, I can’t be traded. It doesn’t matter. If I was tradable it may have weight because that means I could be moving soon. But I am not tradable and so it doesn’t matter.”

Rollins made it clear that he has absolutely no intention of waiving his 10-and-5 rights. When asked if he is concerned that the organization is trying to force him out of town by making him look bad, Rollins had the following to say.

“It might be a little late for that,” he quipped. “That’s probably happened years ago. You’re persecuted long before the day you’re sentenced. You’re already found guilty or innocent by the people, so it’s a little late for that.

Phillies general manager Ruben Amaro Jr. has vehemently denied that the team is looking to move Rollins.

I understand Rollins’ point that he will make the final call on whether or not he is traded, but we all know it matters. It’s difficult to play in a place where you aren’t wanted, especially as you near the end of your career. The Phillies are in terrible shape and Rollins is not getting along with his manager. A trade might be a blessing at this point.

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  • Kristopher Watson

    Teams are really lining up for a 35 year old SS who hits .250, strikes out 93 times, gets on base at a .318 clip and leads the majors in infield pop ups last two years. Not to mention is lazy and already admits he doesn’t care about anything except leading the Phillies in career hits. I’d waive him and pay him $11M to sit at home while they play Galvis at SS since Phillies are going nowhere this year anyway.

  • SpinMax

    let him sit on the bench until he demands a trade