Cardinals P Joe Kelly wrote a hilarious essay in elementary school

Joe-Kelly-CardinalsSt. Louis Cardinals starting pitcher Joe Kelly is exactly where he wants to be in life. We know this because the the 25-year-old wrote an essay in elementary school that predicted his future. As of now, he’s right on schedule.

Earlier this summer, Kelly shared a photo of the essay he wrote when he was just a young lad. In it, he predicted that he would be a professional baseball player in 10 years. Although he may not be the home run hitter that he envisioned, the baseball part worked out as planned. We’re praying the rest also comes to fruition. Read the letter and you’ll see why:


I don’t know how Kelly was given a “B” for being such an incredible dreamer, but that essay looked perfect to me. Who doesn’t want to be an MLB player and then scuba dive for gold? Confidence at a young age is the key to success in adulthood.

H/T Eye on Baseball

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  • Chad Margulius

    Because most teachers do not have the ability to train their subconscious minds into the beliefs of dreaming thus settling and getting stuck in the rut of being a civil servant working for the government and cannot appreciate that and give a strong mark. They would prefer to see someone say I will go being to get a BA after high school then spend another 8 years getting some sort of fancy degree only to be 100K in debt then find a career that helps them earn at least 100K per year and slowly but surely pay that all off while starting to earn equity in a property to pay off a mortgage by age 50 and rely on their 401K after being heavily taxed as employee.

  • http://larrybrownsports.com Larry Brown

    We can always count on you to tell it like it is!