Joel Zumaya Could Be Done for Good

I’ve had my share of fun with Joel Zumaya in the past. It was hard not to when he injured his arm playing too much Guitar Hero and then showed us how hard he was rehabbing by doing keg stands. But now is not the time for fun. Really, after seeing Zumaya go down on Monday night following a pitch against the Twins, it’s hard not to feel badly for him. Here’s the Joel Zumaya injury video via SB Nation Detroit:

You can tell how painful the injury was just by seeing Zumaya’s reaction. If that doesn’t already tell you enough, catcher Gerald Laird said he could hear a pop 60 feet away. Manager Jim Leyland said it made him sick to his stomach which is probably the same reaction many of us had. It’s really a shame because Zumaya’s been battling injuries on a yearly basis, unable to pitch more than 40 innings since 2006. I hate to say it, but in light of some of the above referenced stories, the baseball gods may be striking back against someone who didn’t respect and appreciate the gift he was given: his right arm.

Video: Joel Zumaya Injures Right Arm [SB Nation Detroit]
Tigers take first place but lose Joel Zumaya [The Detroit News]

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  • Kevin/Indianapolis

    To be fair, Joel has been a model for others to follow since he returned to Detroit after being injured last season. He lost weight, toned down his off the field behavior, got married and appeared to have his life in order. He had pitched quite well this season, his velocity was back to where it had been and I was very impressed. As a Tigers fan, I’ve often been critical of Joel Zumaya. I haven’t been this season. For his sake, I truly hope that this injury isn’t a career ender. To prepare your entire life to become a major league pitcher and have it end this way would be very tragic. On a good day, no one I have ever seen threw harder.

  • http://larrybrownsports.com Larry Brown

    It was quite a heat competition when he relieved Justin Verlander on game day. Good to know he was turning things around. I know he was building on one of his best years so it is an awful way for anyone to go down.

  • http://(None) The Dukester

    It’s too bad when something like this happens to any pitcher, but when it’s a guy like Zumaya who relied on his fastball and hadn’t really learned yet to throw much of any other pitch with true effectiveness, it’s worse. It always takes great effort and a lot of patience to become a good pitcher when you’ve lost the main weapon you established your career with. “Not all good throwers become good pitchers”. Good Luck and Hang Tough, Joel, you’re gonna need both.