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Monday, April 23, 2018

Jose Canseco 100% Sure There’s 90% Chance Manny Ramirez Used Steroids

Hey, laugh off what Jose Canseco says and odds are you will end up being the one laughed at in the end. Canseco proved that he’s probably the most credible figure in the messed up world of baseball; everything the guy wrote in his books turned out to be true. Rafael Palmeiro tried to tell us that the book was wrong. We all saw how that one turned out. So when Mr. Juiced appeared at USC to speak over the weekend, listeners were wise to heed his words. Even when he’s asked whether or not Manny Ramirez used roids:

Canseco laughs and offers his theory. A-Rod was exposed only when his name was leaked from a list of 104 major leaguers who in a 2003 test showed up positive for steroids. Because the test was anonymous, those names were not supposed to be made public. But in Canseco’s mind, baseball’s power brokers know who is on it: players he is sure will be seen as toxic if the truth comes out.

To Canseco, the drawn-out negotiation, the lack of a long-term deal, the lack of interest all raise red flags, and so he tells the Bovard crowd that Ramirez’s “name is most likely, 90%,” on the list.

I thought the bad economy and the Mets’ owners losing money in the Madoff scandal is the reason he wasn’t signed. Oh yeah, that whole quitting in Boston thing doesn’t help either. But if that’s what Jose thinks, then I’ll say there’s a 75% chance his 90% feeling is 100% credible. By the way, USC must have paid sweet bucks to get him to come and talk; last time I saw him at the gym he wanted $100k for an interview.

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