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Monday, May 28, 2018

Jose Canseco apologizes for writing book Juiced, says it haunts him

Jose Canseco sent a few sobering tweets while likely drunk Wednesday evening. Canseco, who’s playing minor league ball in Mexico, apologized for writing the book Juiced that detailed the steroid abuse by many baseball players, ultimately changing the future of the game.

“I am probably the only person in history that will never be forgiven for telling the truth and making MLB better and safer for everyone especially young kids,” he wrote.

“I am truly sorry for hurting my teamates and friends when I wrote juiced. I have had nightmares since I wrote that book it still haunts me till today. It is my demon that never sleeps.”

Canseco is likely sorry about the book because it made him an outcast. He admitted he wrote the book because he was angry he was “blackballed” from the game. He’s been begging for a shot to play Major League Baseball for years and hasn’t received one, so that’s probably the source of his remorse.

It’s hard to know what is truth or fiction from Canseco, but it definitely seems like he is a tormented creature.

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