Justin Verlander: Richard Sherman would get thrown at if he played baseball

Justin Verlander

If Richard Sherman played baseball, Justin Verlander knows exactly what would happen to him.

The Detroit Tigers ace pitcher sent a tweet after watching Sherman’s antics at the end of the NFC Championship Game on Sunday and said Sherman would get a “high and tight fastball” if he played baseball.

That was the money part of his tweet. The overlooked part is that Verlander called Russell Wilson a “class act,” which is a nice compliment to the Seattle QB and pretty much how most people view him.

The thing about Sherman, though, is that you could give him a brush back pitch or two, but he’d confidently step back into the box and hit a home run. He only gets away with talking trash because, dang, he’s been backing it up on the field all season.

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  • michael

    Lots of people will come to Sherman’s defense, because arrogance and hyper-macho “swagger” are considered positive traits to NFL players and fans. No doubt someone even now is going on about his “passion” and “fire.” Besides, I was a sports reporter for many years and was always very cautious about approaching DB’s for quotes. Many if not most of them are cocky big mouths and you’re likely to get this sort of BLEEP.

  • Total Packers

    Ironically, at least to Verlander, I guess, Sherman won’t get thrown at or on in football. Maybe guys who play non-contact sports shouldn’t comment on those who do.

  • tiger fan forever

    just a street punk making noise