Kyle Lohse takes teammates out to dinner first day with team

Kyle LohseKyle Lohse finally signed with the Milwaukee Brewers this week after spending the entire offseason as a free agent. Lohse’s deal with Milwaukee is for three years and $33 million. Though he only signed on Monday, Lohse wasted no time trying to ingratiate himself with his new teammates.

According to the Brewers’ website, Lohse went out to dinner with the other pitchers on the staff Tuesday and picked up the bill. They went to a steakhouse in Scottsdale, so you have to figure it probably wasn’t too cheap, though a man making $11 million per season can definitely afford it.

Lohse is expected to throw to Major League hitters Thursday against the Rockies. He has already thrown 95 pitches in a simulated game, and there is a possibility he could open the season in the team’s rotation.

Yovani Gallardo, Marco Estrada, and Wily Peralta are scheduled to start the team’s first series of the season against the Colorado Rockies. Chris Narveson and Mike Fiers appear to be other pitchers in the mix.

Though it sounds crazy, Lohse could realistically be starting for Milwaukee less than two weeks after signing with the team. And at least his dinner bill wasn’t Dez Bryant-sized.

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