Orioles reliever Luis Ayala catches Ryan Flaherty’s home run in his hat (Video)

Typically I’m not impressed by ballplayers catching fly balls and home runs with their hats. These guys are major leaguers for a reason. They should have the hand-eye coordination needed to pull off a catch like that, but I’m giving credit to Orioles reliever Luis Ayala because this home run was absolutely stung by Ryan Flaherty.

As you can see from the video above, the ball was tailing the opposite way and was about as much of a line-drive home run as you will see. Given the circumstances, Ayala made it look relatively easy. Was it up there with this popcorn bucket catch we saw a young kid make earlier this season? Not even close, but it was definitely one of the top bullpen plays of the season. I guess that’s worthy of some mention.

H/T Sports by Brooks Live

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  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1664359055 Ralph S Virgilio

    Winning a double header is a hard thing to do. When I/we played a double header we wanted to make sure we didn’t lose 2 games. The O’s had plenty of opportunity to win the 2nd game. It just wasn’t in the cards, I guess. I was looking for Buck to PR for Tea, at 3rd base then put Matt W. in to finish it up. But, that was probably the best thing to do, leave Tea in there. Matt needs to be rested. Don’t forget, we still, have to think about post season. Chen Looks like he’s on his last leg. He looked tired to me. It was good to see Andino swing the bat and get some hit’s. That’s a positive. I’m sure that hit in the head he took lasted a few days. Just darn lucky it caught part of the helmet.  To bad we don’t play the Yanks any more this reg. season. I don’t look to get much help from another team that’s playing them. Although, you never know. The O’s just have to keep it simple. One game at a time. Some breaks in Fenway, and it’s a different look in the standings. Twice, Thome hit ground rule doubles that wouldn’t have been, in other parks. It cost us. The GS off of Arrieta, just did clear the wall. Plus, Arrieta looked good. Even though we got beat. There’s a lot of positive things going on with the O’s. Look for this team to be the team of the future. The Yanks are aging. Thay have to think ahead. Jeter & Arod have limit yr’s.  left to play. The O’s are a young team. 28-29 yrs old per player, on the average. The changing of the guard is knocking on the door. Look Out Baltimore, The glory year’s are around the corner, once again!!! Stay Tuned…