Manny Machado gunned out Albert Pujols AGAIN (Video)

Albert Pujols probably could not wait to get out of Baltimore on Thursday night. The next time Pujols rips a ground ball or line drive down the third base line, Manny Machado will not be there to gobble it up.

You now how Machado made that incredible off-balance throw to rob Pujols of a hit on Wednesday? The Orioles star did it again on Thursday, only this time he made it look easy. When Pujols scorched a one-hopper to Machado’s left, the 22-year-old must have remembered that he gunned Pujols out by several steps the night before. He set his feet this time.


That throw could not have been more perfect. It helps that Pujols doesn’t run well, but his lack of speed takes nothing away from either one of Machado’s plays. Here’s Machado’s first throw as a refresher of the type of incredible week he has had:

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