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Thursday, May 24, 2018

Manny Ramirez Reportedly Rejected by Japanese Team

What’s Manny Ramirez been up to lately? Apparently trying to resurrect his baseball career in a country where everyone goes for redemption — Japan.

From a Jayson Stark report:

A source with ties to Japanese baseball tells Rumblings that Manny had a Florida tryout for a Japanese team (the Fukuoka Softbank Hawks) a couple of weeks ago, but “it didn’t go well.” And what was the hang-up? “The Japanese don’t like ‘baggage’ in a player,” the source said, “no matter how talented he might be.”

If Japanese teams don’t like baggage, why would a team bother giving him a tryout? Was it a favor to him or his agent? That’s the only part that doesn’t make sense. But if Manny tried out for a Japanese team and got the Dikembe Mutombo treatment, it would be too perfect. That would mean Manny’s now been rejected in the U.S., Dominican Republic, and Japan. Maybe he can try out for the Israeli league, Venezuelan league, and Australian league so he can get rejected on every continent.

Who says being a lifelong jerk doesn’t eventually catch up to someone?

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