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Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Matt Harvey is only here to talk about Qualcomm, Dan Patrick. Not Tommy John surgery

New York Mets pitcher Matt Harvey gave an incredibly uncomfortable injury to Dan Patrick on Wednesday. It was so bad I was literally cringing while listening to it in the same way I cringe when watching that scene in “Swingers” where Mike calls Nikki and leaves like eight straight messages. It was that painful.

Harvey joined the show to promote something for Qualcomm, but the guy just wouldn’t play along with the questions. I’m not sure if he didn’t think Patrick would give him an opportunity to do his plug — which Patrick would have — or if he just didn’t want to talk about the possibility of Tommy John surgery. But he didn’t want to answer questions, that’s for sure. And answering questions generally is a requirement for an interview. The result was a painful, pathetic four and a half minute conversation that only made Harvey look terrible.

As for who Harvey is dating, it used to be SI swimsuit model Anne Vyalitsyna. Rumor has it she dumped him after listening to that terrible interview. By the way, we still say Harvey ends up having the surgery.

Jesus Harvey, what happened to the guy from the fun bathrobe meme?

Matt Harvey robe meme

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