Meghan Duggan mocks Michael Pineda before throwing out first pitch

Michael Pineda dirtThe US women’s hockey team was invited to take part in the opening ceremonies before the Boston Red Sox took on the New York Yankees at Fenway Park Thursday night. Meghan Duggan, the captain of the team that won silver at the Sochi Olympics, threw out the first pitch. She took the opportunity to mock Michael Pineda.

As you know, Pineda was ejected from Wednesday night’s game for having pine tar on his neck. He has since been suspended 10 games by Major League Baseball for the offense. Duggan, who grew up in Massachusetts, couldn’t resist seizing the moment.

Of course, the Yankees went on to destroy the Red Sox 14-5 on a night in which outfielder/first baseman Mike Carp was called upon to pitch. No one said taunting the opposition would bring good luck.

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  • Federalist87

    Next time the Yanks play the Sox, whoever throws the first pitch should bring a bucket of fried chicken and a pint of beer onto the field.

  • SJ

    yes, because that is the same as cheating during the course of a game, guess the yanks just need any advantage they can get

  • Nomar Satino

    “Of course, the yankees went on to…….,” got to love the impartial writing Steve. Take your lumps and go back to the bronx. I think Jeter may have just wiped his a*s and you could write an article about it.