Mike Trout hints he’s open to playing for another team

Mike Trout AngelsMike Trout is still under the Los Angeles Angels’ control for another four seasons and quite a ways away free agency. He and his agent have not talked with the team about a possible contract extension, insisting that they will be patient. Another concern for the Angels is that Trout seems open to the possibility of playing elsewhere.

Trout’s agent Craig Landis said Tuesday that they will be patient when it comes to contract talks. Though Trout says he loves playing in Anaheim and calls it a “great place to play,” he may be open to playing elsewhere.

“It’s about time to start looking for a house,” Trout said, via the Los Angeles Times’ Mike DiGiovanna. “I’m trying to see what direction my career takes me. Do I want to buy a house out here or some other place?”

Why would Trout consider buying a home elsewhere if he weren’t considering leaving the Angels when he becomes a free agent? That’s what the comment indicates to me.

Trout won Rookie of the Year last season and should have been AL MVP. He leads MLB in WAR for the second season in a row and is having an even better season than last year. By the time free agency comes, he may be in position to be sign the most lucrative contract in baseball history.

Will the Angels be the team to pay it? Josh Hamilton’s contract will be up by then, as will Jered Weaver and CJ Wilson’s. Weaver and Wilson are on good contracts, but the point is the Angels should have money available for Trout as long as they don’t commit to huge contracts in the next few seasons. Unfortunately Albert Pujols will still be making a boatload of cash in 2018, but the team should have plenty of extra money. By the time he’s a free agent, Trout could be a $35-million-a-year player. He and his agent may also want to make the Angels pay for snubbing him on his salary this season.

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  • Shueb Baafe

    I think he meant he wants to buy a house and was wondering if he should buy it in Anaheim, Jersey (where he usually lives in the offseason w/ his parents), or someplace else. That doesnt necessarily mean he’s leaving……Lots of players live in other cities than they play….Lebron James lives in Akron while he plays for the Heat. Its not a big deal…….maybe im wrong but just a thought

  • http://larrybrownsports.com Larry Brown

    You could be right, I thought about that. But wouldn’t he buy in the Anaheim area if he planned on being there for a long time? I think that’s why he talked about the direction his career takes him as it related to where he would buy.

  • Ray Sikes

    He didn’t deserve the MVP in 2012. What Cabrera did was extremely rare in baseball history. He deserved it, period. Not to take away from Trout’s great rookie season, but plenty of players have made big splashes in their rookie-season. Though Trout’s accomplishments were as big if not bigger, than almost any rookie season ever. Still Triple Crowns don’t come around but every 30-50 yrs. Cabrera got what we he deserved.

  • Shueb Baafe

    Why buy a house in Anaheim if you don’t know if you’re going to b here for a long time??…..well you never know what’s going to happen. I think he’s just being careful. You dont wanna buy a house in Anaheim then realize in 2017 you dont want to be there & have to sell that house before bolting to NYY or BOS…

  • CzarOfTruth

    The Trout family are Yankees fans and he would want to play at Yankee stadium. But he may sign a big buck extension and get his money at the front end of his career which wouldn’t be as much if he waits for FA but why take a chance. Take the money and run. It would a pretty huge payday though.

  • nikcomp

    35 mil per year player are you nuts? Baseball teams need to wake up and realize you need depth to win. Baseball is a grind. Trout is not winning you a world series alone. Bonds couldn’t even do that. You need depth and luck. Have those things and you’ll be just fine. Giants have won what 2 of the last 4 world series with their line up?

  • BigP

    Angels have offered Trout multiple contracts that he has turned down. He wants to play for the Phillies and that is a fact!
    Angels need to trade high and get quality players for him, they can use it.

  • Jeff Share

    I can’t even imagine how much he might get if he stays healthy and productive. Not sure how much you can invest in just one player.

  • Don DeLaura

    Hey Larry. Do you have a vote for HOF? If so, since you are a WAR proponent, please vote for Alan Trammell if you haven’t already done so. His WAR is better than Ozzie Smith, and others currently in HOF.

  • Shueb Baafe

    Phillies fans not Yankees. He was just a big Jeter fan

  • Linda Richardson

    Actually Mike is a BIG Philadelphia fan since his hometown roots is in South Jersey Philly fan area. I hope Mike comes back to the EAST COAST personally!!