Mike Trout hits walk-off home run to set off July 4 fireworks (Video)

Angels fans probably could not have envisioned a better ending to Friday night’s July 4th contest against the Houston Astros.

After falling behind 6-3 in the fourth, the Angels rallied to tie the game. Then in the 9th, Mike Trout took an 0-2 pitch at the ankles from Tony Sipp and blasted it out to left-center for a walk-off home run, giving the Angels a 7-6 win.

Trouty gave the fans a little treat by setting off the fireworks before the actual fireworks show following the game. It was his second walk-off home run of the season and 20th dinger overall. The celebration at the plate was pure madness as Trout’s jersey was ripped off by his teammates and he received congratulations from his coaches.

How do you even pitch to this guy? He took a pitch at the shins out for a walk-off home run.

Mike Trout walk-off

That was the same location as the grand slam he blasted off Chris Sale last month. If you’re a lefty, don’t give Trout anything low in the zone.

And how about these great quotes from teammate Kole Calhoun on Trout and what makes him such a good low-ball hitter.

“Drops the head on the ball good. He’s just a natural talent. It’s not human,” Calhoun said via Angels reporter Alden Gonzalez. “I mean, it’s getting to the point where we almost expect it.”

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  • brianc6234

    C.J. Wilson better drive Trout over to his car dealership and let him pick any car on the lot. What in the world is Wilson doing lately? The Angels have six starting pitchers for now. Maybe Wilson should go to the bullpen. He’s lucky he gets a lot of run support.

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