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Sunday, June 24, 2018

Orlando Cabrera Is the $2 Million Batboy

It may just look like a little kid handing the umpire a bottle of water, but that actually is Reds shortstop Orlando Cabrera with the “BB” on his back. Orlando’s been out since August 3rd with an oblique injury but he decided he would lend the team a helping hand on Sunday at home against the Marlins. Cabrera held all the batboy responsibilities, getting foul balls, giving umpires the new balls, and keeping the on-deck circle stocked with pine tar and donuts. We’ve always known that Cabrera was a team player but who knew he would take it this far?

If coaching doesn’t work out after his playing career is up, at least Orlando has some experience in another field.

On DL, Cabrera passes time as Reds’ batboy [Reds.com]
Photo Credit: Jamieblog on Twitter

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